Lightning Lucky Six

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Developed for engagement and better experience for the players

Experience the most popular draw based game reinvented for web and mobile channels.


The Lightning Lucky Six game is designed so it suits fast betting experience and is built on the Lucky Six backend. The goal is to reach towards users and increase the appearance of NSoft’s games on the portfolio of clients which already offer games from a few virtual games providers. 


Our team had researched every aspect of the current product and used the results to develop a new version of Lucky Six with high engagement and easily played. It has been totally revamped and adapted for web and mobile usage.


Round based game with big and exciting bonuses

The Lightning Lucky Six game is designed and developed exclusively for the web and mobile channels, it offers ease of use and runs smoothly on all devices. The game is simple, straightforward and easy to use even for first time players.  


The duration of all of the game segments was shortened to make it fast-paced like a casino game. Round starts every ten seconds and each draw takes a shorter time period. There are a few additional bonus features which provide additional engagement such as the jackpot, bonus rounds, lucky loser, favorite numbers and predefined pay in. 


These bonuses make this game suitable for placement both in the Casino and Virtual games category for additional exposure among the players.

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