Lightning Roulette

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Lightning games are a new category of virtual games in NSoft’s portfolio. They are designed for web and mobile channels in order to provide a better user experience to online players.

Roulette is one of NSoft’s most popular betting products of all time due to it’s biggest RTP that covers both virtual games and casino categories at once. Simplicity and the possibility to win big have been attracting people to play it for a long time now. 

Drawing on this heritage, NSoft has developed a new game – Lightning Roulette which is now one of the few round-based roulettes out there.

Round-based and faster than ever before

Lightning Roulette is lightning fast and offers great performance, even though it is round-based. All the players are placing bets on the same wheel spin, not like standard on-demand casino Roulette, which brings the social aspect to this product.

Since it is designed and developed exclusively for the web and mobile channels, it offers ease of use and runs smoothly on all devices. The game is simple, straightforward and easy to use even for first time players.  

There are a few additional bonus features which provide additional engagement and make this game suitable for placement both in the Casino and Virtual games category for additional exposure among the players.

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