Unrivaled entertainment designed to add value to your business.
Variety of games found in our portfolio will satisfy preferences of different markets and serve as the key driving force to realizing your growth strategy.
Virtual Games

Astonishing graphics and numerous wagering options provide unforgettable gaming experience

Virtual Motorcycle Speedway (VMS),Lucky Six,Lucky X,Virtual Greyhound Races,Virtual Horse Races,Greyhound Races,Virtual Drag Races,Virtual Football League,Virtual Tennis Open,Virtual Basketball League

Give your players a chance to bet on actual lottery draws from around the world

World Numbers Service
Certificates serve as proof that our products meet the highest requirements of the betting and gaming industry. Our virtual games are certified by iTech, which is an approved testing laboratory for online gaming systems. Certificate issued by iTech confirms our games are statistically random, unpredictable and that the results cannot be influenced or adjusted.
Delivery channels
Our products are available on various channels, devices and operating systems. Depending on their needs, our customers have the ability to select their preferences.