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Lucky Six
People have enjoyed draw games throughout much of recorded history, including Ancient China, Ancient Greece and The Roman Empire. With this in mind, we have decided to create a modern take on this classic form of entertainment, a virtual draw game with a tested and approved RNG in the background.
Due to its vibrant design and top-notch backend infrastructure, Lucky Six soon became our customers’ favourite and a proven profit generator.
Game Description

Lucky Six 6/48 is a game where 35 numbers are drawn from a range of 48. It offers numerous exciting betting options. Winners have an opportunity to double or triple their prize if one or two of their lucky numbers land on fields marked with lucky symbols.


Lucky Six – betting game on computer generated events (RNG)
Draw Type 6/35 – 48 numbers in total, 35 generated randomly in a single round
Ball Colours – 8 different colour groups, each containing 6 numbers
Round duration – 5 minutes, 3 parts: announcement/countdown, draw animation, results

Bonus symbol rules

If the player hits one symbol with his numbers, his odds are doubled (x2)
If the player hits two symbols with his numbers, his odds are tripled (x3)

Standard Bets

  • Main bet 6/35
  • Colour bet

Special Bets

  • Odd/even pre numbers
  • First number odd/even
  • Pre numbers sum (-122.5+)
  • First number (-24.5+)
  • First ball colour
  • Pre balls number

Additional Features

  • System betting
  • Bonus symbol
  • Future bet
  • Multiticket
Did You Know?
Lucky Six is at the moment considered to be one of the most popular games in Europe, played in many countries on various platforms by thousands of players and is on its way of taking over the world.