World Numbers Service
Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Bien sûr. In bocca al lupo! Take your players on a virtual journey around the world by letting them place bets on outcomes of lottery draws happening in different countries at that very moment.
Game Description

World Numbers Service is a game which gives players a chance to bet on outcomes of actual lottery draws from around the world. Instead of using the RNG system, as in our other games, World Numbers Service provides a visualization of real lottery results.

Standard Bets

  • standard ticket – depending on the type
    of the lottery game they want to play,
    players choose numbers they believe will be drawn;
    in order to win they have to guess all the numbers
  • system ticket – the rules vary depending
    on what type of lottery is taking place

Special Bets

  • the sum of balls drawn will be odd/even
  • the sum of balls drawn will be lower/higher
  • range of the sum of balls
    (there are fourteen different ranges)
  • more odd/even balls drawn

Bonus Ball Bets

  • same drum (9 different bets)
  • additional drum (9 different bets)