NSoft’s first casino game released to Sima Communication 

News | 20 Jul 2021
  • Slingshot 6 is a spin-based version of our blue-chip Lucky Six. Now it is available to Sima Communication’s players 
  • NSoft Casino team announced exciting casino games for the online channel 

NSoft’s Casino team has released its first casino game. It is Slingshot 6 – an on-demand game derived from NSoft’s most popular draw-based game Lucky Six. 

The first client to offer the Slingshot 6 casino game is Sima Communication

In Q3 2020 our dedicated Casino development team set a goal to establish an engaging, thrilling and player-centric casino games portfolio. In-house casino games will complement our already established and well-recognized Sportsbook, Virtuals and Numbers Betting game catalogue,” stated Josip Vrbić, Head of Games division. 

“We have already created a few engaging games for the online channel in casino style such as Lightning Roulette and Lightning Lucky Six. Slingshot 6 is the first full casino content that NSoft offers to the market and we are eager to see how the players will accept it,” added Vrbić.

Slingshot 6 is developed for the online channel. It features a highly interactive dashboard with easy to play options, stats followed by a dynamic spin visualization with modern UI.

Various bonus opportunities are available to bet on,  providing something to entertain a wide range of players and casino enthusiasts. 

The game offers two-click bet placement, it is fast and engaging, also featuring audio incentives.

To learn more about the Slingshot 6 game contact our Sales team.