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Your rules, your odds

Create your own rules, your own odds and challenge your friends! That is the pinnacle of today’s social betting and now you can offer it to your customers.

Social part of any application, product, event or industry has never been more important than it is nowadays. Gaming industry is no exception. NSoft’s Pool Betting is developed to cover the social aspect. Operators are able to offer something new to the punters and grow their business. Pool Betting is offered for Pre-Match solution and is based on Betradar feed.

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Product Details

Pool Betting is a multiplayer application where both players and administrators can create contests and select events from company’s product portfolio. Although the sports betting is the only product supported at the time, development of Pool Betting for other games is ongoing.

After the contest is created, other players join and pay the entry fee. Based on the configuration of contest, money is divided after the last event is finished – players get their part and house takes its part. One contest can have multiple events with different selections.

Create contest

  • Contest can be created by players or by the administrator/operator. It can be created inside the application or from the admin. There are two types of contests – normal and guaranteed.
  • Normal – can be created by players or operator. The winners take the money collected from the entry fee.
  • Guaranteed – can be created only by operator. It guarantees fixed prizes to winner no matter how many players enter the contest.

Contest creating options

  • Events – Select sports events and outcomes from different sports and leagues.
  • Size – Define how many players can join the contest. Punters can play one-on-one or create room for 1.000+ players.
  • Entry fee – Adjustable. Operator can set-up minimum and maximum wage depending on its preferences and currency used.
  • Prize type – Winner takes all, first 3 wins, 50-50 etc.
  • Rank type – Winner is selected by biggest odds won or by more matches predicted correctly.
  • Odds update – Need more adrenaline? Let the odds be fixed for all players, as they were in the moment of contest creation, or let them be updated where it is important to predict the outcomes in the right moment.

Allow your customers to create their own rules, their own odds and have much more fun than usual. They sure will enjoy it and you will have aspect covered in your portfolio.

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