Our amazing team did excellent job at ICE, and proudly presented company and its products. Team of 27 generated double the amount of business opportunities compared to last year.

We also raised our partnership with Sportradar to a higher level and made NSoft’s products available through Sportradar’s sales channels and vice versa. This will play important role in expansion to new markets, mostly across Europe and Africa.

New products we showcased at ICE:

  • SEVEN Platform,
  • Lucky X,
  • Virtual Greyhound Races,
  • Virtual Horse Races and
  • World Numbers Service.


SEVEN Platform


We presented our groundbreaking SEVEN platform, solution for managing core betting operations. It is built with integrations in mind and it enables administration and content control on all product delivery channels – retail, terminal, mobile, and web.

Lucky X Virtual Game
Lucky X Virtual Game


We developed new draw based game called Lucky X, which offers great amount of different market types. Popularity of greyhound and horse races, led us to development of virtual versions of those games. Our 3D Design Department created incredibly realistic Virtual Greyhound Races and Virtual Horse Races. Both games have dynamic weather and time of day features which are astonishing. If it’s raining outside, and it’s night, the race will also be during night time and rainy weather – it is adjusting to your local conditions.

Virtual Greyhound Races and Virtual Horse Races
Virtual Greyhound Races and Virtual Horse Races


World Numbers Service is developed for Betradar, the game which gives players a chance to bet on outcomes of actual lottery draws from around the world. New lotteries are constantly added, and we are planning to have more than 500 different lotteries in our offer.

World Numbers Service


We will continue on our path of success, bringing novelties in the times to come, and expanding to new markets. You are more than welcome to join us on the journey.

Contact us at sales@nsoft.ba.