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Unveil unexpected opportunities with NSoft Roulette

13 May 2020

Josip Vrbic, Casino Product Owner on NSoft Roulette 

Following the great interest that NSoft Virtual games have risen among the players and operators, we decided to shed some light on NSoft Roulette

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Ivo Marinovic, NSoft: The enduring appeal of Lucky Six

24 Apr 2020

Ivo Marinovic, NSoft Product Designer on Lucky Six history and the development, features and design of this never-fading attraction to the punters. Lucky Six proved its show-stopper features during COVID-19.

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Gaming industry – Agile Marketing in times of COVID-19

16 Apr 2020

Importance of marketing agility in the gaming industry  

by Martina Filipović, Senior Marketing Specialist

Unlike the financial crisis of 2008 when most B2Bs have played intact and remained silent marketing-wise, nowadays marketers have chosen merely to adapt the marketing strategy to the unexpected new rules in the industry. 

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NSoft: COVID-19 – implications on Gaming industry

02 Apr 2020

NSoft’s latest perspective on the business implications caused by Coronavirus pandemic. The articles are intended to provide a comprehensive insight into the market specifics during this period and are provided by NSoft business team in accordance with the regions they operate in.

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