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We are not a family, we are a team. There, we wrote it down. Since 2008, when we were founded, we were always striving to have the best player at every position in the team. Our success is not something that happened by chance. It is a perfect combination of great employees, innovative products, and specific culture that we have built over the years. We help each other. No matter what problem you have, there is a 99.9% chance that there is at least one NSofter that can help you out. It brought us excellence, results, and happy partners on all continents except Antarctica.

There are multiple reasons why you should choose NSoft as your future employer. We have to tell you that staying in your comfort zone is not one of them. Yes, you read it a thousand times, but we can only promise you the comfort of exciting and challenging projects, top-class teammates, and recognition for every great thing you make. We expect you to make mistakes, and we promise we will not judge them. We’ve been there and done that, and we know that time and effort invested in people are priceless.

Your daily job will look like this:

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Why do NSofters stay? 5 is more than just a number.

According to the global employee tenure data, the average number of years an employee spends in a tech company is 1.9, but our average is 4.8 years. We are aware that employees come and go, nothing is forever in business, but we are immensely proud of having over 100 employees who are here for more than 5 years.

What is our secret? Since day one, we have been focused on creating an ideal work environment, and it is not a destination, it’s a journey. We learn every day what is truly important for our employees, and at the moment, this is what work at NSoft looks like:

We are a team of 300+, we are everything we need to be to make our products world-class. We take our business seriously, always focused on the growth of our products, and it is something you can tell right after you step foot into our office. But we take our work environment and fun seriously as well.

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