Vision AI – Smart Video Management System

Seven is the first betting platform on the market to integrate the power of AI video analytics. Get insights into the detailed demographics of your players displayed within one universal admin interface. It is used for business intelligence and retains analytics and a fraud prevention solution. Integration of NSoft Vision, an AI video surveillance software into the Seven betting platform, joins useful business data to better understand day-to-day operations and strategic planning.

Smooth data capturing

In-house developed AI

Seamless integration

Built for bet shop analytics

Data Captured with NSoft Vision VMS

Vision is a Video Management System built to deliver data on-premise from existing IP cameras. It’s quite simple; NSoft Vision turns a regular IP camera into a smart one so you don’t have to invest in special equipment.

Picture having Google Analytics for your retail shop with people counting and having demographic reports. As a plus, the solution is easily integrated with 1500+ IP cameras on the market. By investing in NSoft Vision, you’re bringing a new level of awareness to your admin platform.

Retail Analytics

Know your customer - Get insights into the detailed demographics of your players displayed within the one universal admin interface.


  • Intuitive reports on players’ demographic
  • Real-time people counting
  • Understanding players with heatmaps
  • Meet and greet your VIPs

Fraud prevention

Built to improve retail security. Compatible with 1,500+ brands of standard IP cameras.


  • Flags and Tags
  • Prevent underage activity
  • Track blacklisted and suspicious punters
  • Fast Footage Search

Built for Bet Shops

Most bet shops track players’ betting tendencies and behaviour from the ticket history or cashiers' insights. Vision reporting in integration with the Seven platform allows you to track and count your visitors without ever interrupting the betting experience, all with the power of intelligent video capturing.

The data is action-ready to bring insights that help you adjust your loyalty programs, bonuses, retail design, and more, all with the purpose of making your business smarter and keeping your customers satisfied.

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Next-Generation Betting Video Management with Stark Terminals

NSoft's own self-service betting terminals continue with innovative and cost-efficient solutions. Betting terminals from now on can be seamlessly integrated with factory-made mini cameras. These IP devices can be centrally connected to an NSoft Vision system. This boost of AI technology improves retail security, hardware protection and more accurate player activity tracking. Whether your players are switching positions inside large retail venues or between multiple locations, you will know about it through the betting admin interface. This allows you to boost fraud detection by having insights into betting behaviour.

Main Features of the Vision System

Face Recognition

Integrated with any access control system for extra safety properties

Age Prediction

Detect underage players

Player demographic

Full demographic reports covering the age and gender structure at retail

People Counting

Real-time data showing the current number of people in front of a single or selected number of cameras

System Management and Scalability

The entire system can be managed via the cloud or through a self-hosted infrastructure. All the data is stored centrally and is accessed strictly via given user permission. The system can easily scale on a number of locations, camera platforms and camera devices.

  • Monitor and manage the system from distributed locations
  • Manage and customise user permissions globally
  • Access data from remote locations in seconds

Camera Platforms

Betting Terminals

NSoft Stark terminals can be ordered with integrated mini-IP security cameras. The terminal will be regarded as a single location or a device within a larger location for accurate tracking.

Surveillance IP Cameras

NSoft Vision is easily installed on 1500+ IP camera brands, ranging from Hikvision and Dagua to Bosch, Avigilon, Mobotix and more.

iGaming Platform

A fully modular iGaming platform to kickstart your betting and gaming business.

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Turnkey Solution

Seven iGaming Platform is a groundbreaking turnkey solution for managing core betting and gaming business operations.

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