Cross-product Gamification Tool

Boost is the ultimate gamification, social and engagement tool designed to make the players' experience more fun and engaging and increase their lifetime value. It helps align player desires and operators' business goals and objectives.

It`s a cross-product tool that can further enhance any product from NSoft`s extensive portfolio, be it from the Casino category, Sports betting, Lottery, or Virtual games, bringing a unified experience to the whole iGaming platform.

The seamless bonusing across products makes Boost perfect for cross-selling.

Boost provides a range of benefits for operators.

  • Creates layers of engagement and increases the player's lifetime value
  • Churn-prevention strategy

  • Cross-product for multi-channel experience

  • Easy integration into any product and any iGaming platform

  • A multitude of bonus types for the acquisition, gamification, retention, or reactivation of players

  • Building competitive community and social impact

  • Cross-sell across verticals and channels - retail and online

Adding Layers of Entertainment


This module provides a detailed view of the game`s in-depth statistics, player`s progress from start to finish, as well as the overview of multi-levels.


Real-time data visualizes the ticket flow and operators gain fast and actionable insights.

Upcoming modules:

  • Chat
  • Tournaments
  • Quests

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