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High Performance

NSoft’s offers a fast, AI-powered and customer-centric betting interface that seamlessly integrates with other platforms. Our sportsbook software is customizable to the max, ensuring your users get a top-notch experience, whether they're on the web, mobile, in-shop, or using a betting kiosk. This is a sportsbook solution done right, catering to every market and operator needs.

Broad Coverage

Our sportsbook platform provides over 40 live betting sports, 550 football leagues, and 890,000+ live betting events each year. Global sports or niche betting options, we got it covered. Plus, with over 890,000 pre-match events, we're here to help you increase player acquisition, revenue, and growth. Our bookmaker software is the best in the business, built to keep you competitive whether you're just starting or scaling up.

890000 +

Live Betting events per year

890000 +

Pre-Match betting events per year

800 +

Live Betting markets

700 +

Pre-Match betting markets


Live Betting sports


Pre-Match betting sports


Football leagues



Managed Trading Services (MTS)

Managed Trading Services (MTS)

Outsourced Risk Management

Our MTS Sportsbook is where odds meet opportunity, offering a fully automated service with minimal effort from your side. This is where live sports markets come to life, powered by leading trading services to ensure your offerings are nothing short of impressive.

Self-Managed Trading Services

Self-Managed Trading Services

In-house Risk Management

Ideal for large-scale businesses and iGaming operators who like to steer their own ship. Our Self-Managed Sportsbook Trading allows full autonomy over odds and risk, supported by diverse feeds for a fully customizable sports betting system.

Sportradar - UOF

Feed provider

Sportradar & IMG

Stream providers

Power-packed features

  • AI personalization: Customize the user experience with AI-driven insights and smart Bet Assist feature.
  • Multi-tenant setup: Streamline operations by managing multiple bookmaker offers from a single dashboard.
  • New web application: Experience the industry's fastest sportsbook with our efficiency-optimized web app.
  • Enhanced bonuses: Boost engagement with more flexible Acca and Cashback bonuses.
  • Advanced feed flexibility: Combine multiple sports data feeds for a richer betting environment.
  • Live betting tools: Enrich the betting experience with Live Match Tracker, Sportradar stats, and real-time game events from field scouts.
  • Event combo: Offer bettors the flexibility to combine pre-match and live events on a single ticket.
  • Cash Out & fast resolve: Enable bettors to cash out on live and pre-match tickets during the game and settle bets swiftly.
  • Global reach: Support multiple currencies and languages, catering to a worldwide audience.
  • Bet customization: Use the Sportradar Bet Builder for easy bet customization.

Turnkey Sportsbook Solution: Low Risk, High Reward

Opt for our revenue share model to cut down costs and risk while maximizing benefits. With NSoft’s Seven platform, you can spread your sportsbook offerings across multiple channels, languages and odds types (decimal/European, fractional/British and moneyline/American).

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Multi-Channel Betting


Our sportsbook software solution turbocharges land-based betting operations with a flexible platform that makes retail management a walk in the park. Here's how it can make your business efficient and smart:

  • Central Hub: BackOffice centralizes all retail and app management, making your life easier.

  • Sleek Interface: A no-headache, user-friendly interface that everyone can get behind.

  • Support & Analytics: Stellar technical support paired with actionable retail insights.

  • Flexible Hardware & OS Support: Low-end to high-end devices, Windows or Linux systems, our software is compatible.

  • Quick Device Linking: A single code connects devices, simplifying setup.

  • Remote Access: Manage desktops and Raspberry Pi devices remotely via VNC for ultimate flexibility.

  • Instant Adjustments: Update application settings on the fly—resolution, quality, language, whatever you need.

 Retail Betslip Ticket

Web & Mobile

Take your sportsbook operation digital with our comprehensive web and mobile platform, enabling seamless bets on sports and virtual games from anywhere. Here's what we can do for you:

  • Comprehensive Solution: Full support for web-based operators, including individual product integration.

  • Responsive and Secure Design: Optimized for intuitive use across all devices with advanced security and encryption.

  • Hassle-Free Experience: Minimal installation or configuration required from the operator's side, making setup a breeze.

  • Tailored to Your Needs: Customizable and cost-effective solutions designed to fit your specific operational needs.

  • Native Mobile Apps: Exceptional iOS and Android applications developed through dedicated research and development to deliver top-tier mobile betting experiences.

 Web and mobile delivery channel


Expand your reach with our kiosk solution, perfect for betshops, coffee shops, and gas stations, offering unparalleled location flexibility and player outreach. Here's the rundown:

  • Unified Terminal Management: Centralize operations via a BackOffice app, simplifying management tasks.

  • Tailored Kiosk Support: Access specialized tools for in-depth configuration and insights directly on-site.

  • Full Operations Control: Features comprehensive management for operators, shifts, and finances.

  • Advanced Display & Payment: Supports cashless modes and dual-display setups, enhancing user interaction.

  • Marketing Ready: Integrates third-party marketing content and banners for promotional activities.

  • Simple Device Setup: Quick device registration with a single code for hassle-free deployment.

  • Reliable Support & Insights: Offers robust technical support and detailed analytics for informed decision-making.

  • Hardware Versatility: Compatible with a range of hardware specs, from basic to advanced setups.

  • SSBT Compatibility: Software seamlessly works with NSoft’s Self-Service Betting Terminals or third-party alternatives.

 Betting terminal delivery channel

iGaming Platform

A fully modular iGaming platform to kickstart your betting and gaming business.

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Casino games provide never-ending thrills to suit every player’s preference.

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Why Settle for Less?

NSoft is more than just a sports betting software provider; we offer the complete toolkit for your betting business. We're talking over 1.78 million betting events annually, risk management tools, top-tier features, and customizable options to fit every need. Let's boost those bets and send your revenues through the roof.
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