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A Base Layer for Betting and Gaming Business

Our platform, Seven, is a highly adaptable solution for managing core betting and gaming business operations and was developed using cutting-edge technology.

It is a betting and gaming management system that includes modules, applications, and APIs that serve as a base layer for laying products on top of it and offering them to betting and gaming operators. Seven is omnichannel, feature-rich, scalable, jurisdictionally compliant, and available on all delivery channels.

All necessary monitoring and management tools are provided on all product delivery channels – retail, terminal, mobile, and web, including segmentation tools, advanced reporting, payment, and security all in one place.

The iGaming platform offers an aggregation framework for products from third-party vendors, handling users, transactions and reporting.

  • Lots of possible extensions, such as:
    Affiliate systems
    Business intelligence
    Support tools, chat, correspondence
    e-Wallet plugins/payment providers

  • Ease of operations and customer setup

  • APIs for third-party developers

Seven Platform Provider’s Partners

Feature-Rich Solutions Don’t Have to be Complicated

Device Management Brings Synergy into Betting and Gaming Business

Device Management is one of the core segments of Seven platform, responsible for full remote and local management of devices. This complex, seamless fusion of simplicity, functionality, and security makes managing devices a satisfying experience for business owners and management directly responsible for business operations. This core segment of NSoft's iGaming platform has become a competitive advantage over a large number of betting and gaming software providers and seen as the major asset for Seven's expansion and growth by many clients. Our Device Management provides a sense of presence in any given betshop by having full control over devices and daily operations, even if you are physically miles away from it.

Seven Platform: Stand-Alone Solution or Product Aggregator

Seven as a Core Platform

  • Wallet integration
  • Betting API integration
  • Automatic account creation and configuration (manual steps supported)
  • Third party product, applications and plugins registration

Seven as a Product Aggregator (to Third Party Platforms)

  • Wallet integration
  • Frontend integration
  • Back-office integration

Built with Integrations in Mind

As a powerful and highly flexible business tool, Seven platform can serve as a core betting and gaming platform when customers migrate to Seven completely, or it can serve as a product aggregator.

NSoft’s large and diverse product portfolio is available through the Seven Aggregator with a single integration - one wallet for any product to any channel. Seamless integration is a one-time simple process after which NSoft's products are available anytime, across all channels, locations and devices.

Get ahead of the competition with our most comprehensive Sportsbook software driven by data feed providing you with an extensive offer of more than 890,000 events annually from 83 different sports together with corresponding odds and results. Feeds from other sports data providers are also available through platform integration.

Retail Analytics and Fraud Prevention Solution

The Seven platform is the only betting and gaming platform in the world that utilizes NSoft Vision AI for retail KYC, CRM, and analytics:

  • Know your customers, demographics, peak hours, VIPs, problematic players and more.
  • Know unique, active and returning visitors at all locations, at any point in time.
  • Detect underage players.
  • Import/integrate with Loyalty IDs, CRM data, various lists for automatic detection notifications.
  • Optimise shop layout with vision-generated heatmaps of locations and player activity.
  • Supports on-premise, cloud, and hybrid implementation.
  • Utilises your existing infrastructure to minimise investments.

The demand for retail regulation is growing and will continue into the future, but NSoft Vision AI is modular. Depending on your jurisdiction, certain features can be activated, including surveillance without AI features, AI features, or complete anonymisation for GDPR purposes where legitimate interest is not present.

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