Responsible Gaming Policy

NSoft d.o.o. Mostar, as a manufacturer and provider of various software betting solutions, is licensed and certified in multiple gaming jurisdictions. We are committed to both integrity as well as trustworthiness. Therefore, we have placed special emphasis on developing software solutions and platform that comply with the most stringent global regulatory requirements. Our dedication to transparency, honesty and fair play is unwavering, which is why we employ a state of the art RNG system that is designed to produce an infinite number of combinations. This allows us to ensure completely random outcomes during gameplay.

Game Security

Provided that NSoft d.o.o. Mostar has no direct relationship with the players, we trust it is also our duty to supply our partners, the betting operators in multiple jurisdictions, with product supporting mechanisms and tools with respect to Responsible Gaming. Although we are not gaming operators, responsible gaming forms an important part of our Company’s ethos. As we are constantly servicing customers in new markets, one of our primary objectives is the pursuit of official certifications that support our strong devotion to integrity and fair play, while simultaneously fulfilling the regulatory requirements of our operators, in their respective countries. As such, for all of our products, including the Random number generators, in addition to our internal testing procedures and controls, we rely on independent testing facilities, accredited in different jurisdictions. These recognized bodies test and verify that our products comply with the regulations in place and meet the criteria of randomness, player protection and security, for the regulated markets in which we operate.

NSoft tools for player protection

As part of our responsible gaming offering to our customers (the operators), we offer features to help them promote responsible gaming and keep gaming safe and fun. Some examples are:

  • Self-Exclusion;

  • Play Limits;

  • Game Speed;

  • Age Verification;

  • Reality Check notification;

  • Auto-play controls.