Vision - powerful AI video management software

What's NSoft's Vision?

Move away from surveillance systems and make the data capturing only a fraction of your operations!

NSoft Vision Surveillance

Video surveillance software

NSoft Vision is tailor-made to satisfy all surveillance needs for both, home and enterprise customers. It offers industry’s standard features, such as Continuous Recording and Playback, and more advanced features like Motion Detection Recording, Age and Gender Prediction, Face Recognition, Area Search and much more.

Computer vision boosted software

True power of NSoft Vision comes from its smart, robust underlying AI services and other video processing methods that analyze video streams with the purpose of detecting motion, heads, people, their age, gender, count, etc. Such features are explicitly intended to save time and energy for surveillance operators, help businesses in everyday activities, as well as to improve the search of recorded data in general.

NSoft Vision Computer
NSoft Vision Software

Software that cares about data

NSoft Vision processes live and recorded data in the most efficient way by generating impressive UI data visualizations, that enable users to be aware of their recording environment at any given moment.


Timeline as an interactive Widget automatically, in real-time, organizes captured data chronologically so the data can be easily navigated, accessed and inspected.

Simply said, it servers for playback, showcasing recorded video footage, instances of sighted identities and triggered cases, snapshots and bookmarks.

Continuous Recording

Suitable for important locations and the ones with frequent activity.

Detect motion with all camera types

This software feature saves valuable storage space by recording exclusively when motion is detected. Motion triggering can be controlled with threshold values. Best for locations with no or little expected activity, or during night.

Remote Access

Remote access enables users to remotely access Vision data and cameras, not just in a local network. If needed, privacy-sensitive data can be limited to local network only.

Live Streams

Live video streams, along with neat stream controls like digital zoom and snapshot, enable user to have full surveillance experience.


Recorded and available footage can be accessed and inspected in any moment. User experience of navigating recorded footage is simplified by providing scalable timeline interface.

Filtering & Grouping

Filtering and grouping is large part of the Vision’s functionality that eases and speeds up navigation & selection of Cameras and Data.

The use of AI features, collected real-time and historical data aims to empower data-driven decision making processes. These features are constantly getting better thanks to Machine Learning. At the same time, new features (like Area Search and Heat Map) are being developed.

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