Royal 777: Diversify Your Portfolio and Retain a Broad Player Base

Incorporating Royal 777 into your online casino's offering not only diversifies your slot game portfolio but also provides your players with a richly rewarding and engaging gaming experience. The game features a charming Joker character adding a playful twist to the traditional slot experience. This feature, combined with the game's dynamic Progress Bar, ensures an immersive and continuously engaging gaming session.




Reels layout

20, fixed




Classic Appeal with a Modern Twist

The game's design respects the traditional slot format while incorporating contemporary features, appealing to both classic slot lovers and those seeking a fresh gaming experience. The inclusion of a Progress Bar and multiple bonus games, including Free Spins and Pick Prize Levels, adds layers of excitement and opportunities for players to win, increasing the game's overall appeal.

Collect Feature

Players can significantly boost their winnings by collecting cash and multiplier symbols, adding an element of strategy to every spin.

Free Spins Bonus Game

Triggered by three or more bonus symbols, this feature offers players the chance for extended play without additional bets, with unlimited potential for re-triggering spins.

Wild Feature

Wild symbols enhance the potential for big wins by substituting for other symbols, increasing the chances of hitting winning combinations.

Prize Adventure Bonus Game

A unique Progress Bar leads to an exciting bonus game with ten levels of challenges, each offering prizes and traps, culminating in substantial rewards for successful players.

Casino Strike

A highly competitive action theme casino slot with exciting gameplay.

Rage or Perun

A mesmerizing slot game based on Slavic mythology gives you a competitive edge and player satisfaction.

Maseru Mafia

A gripping 5-reel, 4-row video slot with sophisticated mechanics and a collect feature.

Ready for a classic slot with modern features?

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