Board Members

Dario Jurčić

Dario, a computing engineering graduate from the University of Mostar with credentials from St.Gallen, joined NSoft in 2016. Thanks to his dedication and exceptional leadership qualities, he earned a spot on the management board by 2018. Now, with three years under his belt as NSoft's CEO, Dario remains at the forefront, driving the company's mission forward.

Dražan Planinić

Dražan, holding a master's degree in economy from the University of Mostar, has dedicated eight years to NSoft. His in-depth expertise in Sportsbook solutions not only made him an asset to the company but also earned him a seat on the NSoft board. He currently holds the pivotal role of Chief Operating Officer.

Igor Marković

Igor completed his studies in Foreign Trade at the University of Split. Combining his banking and IT expertise, he became a part of NSoft eight years ago. With his numerical and business acumen, he currently holds the position of NSoft's Chief Financial Officer.

Nikola Rakic
Nikola Rakić

Nikola, with a Master of Engineering in Computer Science from the University of Split, is deeply passionate about IT and coding. Since 2020, his invaluable expertise has made him a key figure on the board. He now spearheads technological innovations as NSoft's Chief Technology Officer.

Managing Directors

Jadranko Dragoje
Jadranko Dragoje
MD for Seven Games

Jadranko, a Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Mostar, joined NSoft eight years ago. His expertise in software and game development has been vital to NSoft's online casino gaming rise. He now serves as the Managing Director for Seven Games.

Drago Cavar
Drago Ćavar
MD for Seven Sportsbook

A decade ago, Drago brought his computing degree from Mostar University and a fervor for technology to NSoft. Thanks to his expertise in software development and his drive to use technology to tackle challenges, he now holds the position of Managing Director for NSoft's Seven Sportsbook.

Igor Bradara 5
Igor Bradara
MD for Vision

Igor, with a degree in Business Informatics from the University of Mostar, has been with NSoft for 9 years. He has a knack for product development and enhancement and is always on the lookout for innovative solutions. His efforts have positioned him as the Managing Director for NSoft Vision.

Ivana Perkovic
Ivana Perković
MD of Human Resources

With a Psychology degree from the University of Mostar and ongoing studies in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, Ivana joined the team a decade ago. Her passion, skills and knowledge transformed the HR department, which she now leads as the Managing Director.

Karlo Kralj
Karlo Kralj
SVP of Sales & Business Development

With 12 years at NSoft, Karlo has transformed the sales department and contributed to the company's industry success through strategic leadership, process optimization and employee development. He now holds the role of Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development.

Robert Matijevic
Robert Matijević
MD for Seven Sportsbook

Robert, a sports enthusiast with a 25-year industry background, joined NSoft in 2013, focusing on Sportsbook application development. As a certified Scrum Product Owner and an expert in sports trading, he spent 7 years as Product Manager. Now, he's in his 4th year as Managing Director of Sportsbook.

Ana Sovic
Ana Sović
MD of Business Operations

Ana came onboard NSoft a decade ago, holding an MBI in Business Informatics from the University of Mostar and is now working on her doctorate. With a strong background in IT Operations and Service Management, she leads as the Managing Director of Business Operations.

Josip Vrbic
Josip Vrbić
MD for Seven Games

12 years ago, Josip joined NSoft as a Product Designer, committed to shaping the company's product vision. For the past 3 years, he has led as Managing Director of Seven Games, aiming to sustain NSoft's product-centric approach and elevate Casino to the top-revenue category.

Zlatan Omerspahic
Zlatan Omerspahić
Head of Legal and Compliance

Zlatan joined NSoft four years ago with a master's in law and broad expertise from the banking and gaming sectors. Now pursuing his doctorate at the Faculty of Law in Osijek, he leads as the Head of Legal and Compliance, with a specialized focus on IT and iGaming.

Ivan Soce
Ivan Soče
MD of Stark

As the Director of Stark, NSoft’s hardware unit, Ivan has expertly guided its transformation, leveraging his sales expertise to establish Stark as a leader in premium betting terminals. His strategic approach and innovative leadership have been vital in shaping Stark’s success and NSoft's industry standing.

VPs & Department Heads

Konjevod Davor
Davor Konjevod
VP of Sales

Davor joined NSoft in 2018 with a degree in Computer Science. He excels in steering the sales department with a focus on customer relationships and strategic market expansion. His passion for iGaming and innovative solutions keeps NSoft at the industry's forefront.

Marin Marincic
Marin Marinčić
Head of IT Infrastructure

Marin joined NSoft in 2016 and brings over 15 years of IT experience to the table. From banking to operations, he's been at the forefront of technology-driven solutions. A Computer Science graduate, Marin is the driving force behind NSoft’s IT infrastructure excellence.

Ivan Cubela
Ivan Ćubela
Head of Finance

Since joining NSoft in 2023, Ivan has been instrumental in our financial strategy and fiscal health. His expertise is grounded in years of experience in the finance sector and a strong academic background, including a Master's degree in Economics and certification in accounting.

Ana Jurkovic
Ana Jurković
VP of Marketing

Ana joined NSoft in 2018, bringing a robust banking background and strong marketing skills to the team. With a Master's Degree in Journalism, she combines analytical acumen with creative strategies to lead the team, contributing significantly to NSoft's market presence and growth.

Ajda Marić
Ajda Marić
Engineering Manager

With a background in backend programming, Ajda joined NSoft in 2014. She quickly transitioned into an Engineering Manager role, where she now excels in organizing development teams and projects, while adeptly handling business requirements.

Vedrana maric
Vedrana Marić
Sales Coordinator

Since joining NSoft in 2011, Vedrana has focused on sales process optimization, data analytics, sales forecasting, and compliance. Her meticulous work and analytical approach to producing and maintaining sales reports have made her a key figure in Sales Operations.

Filip Corluka
Filip Ćorluka
Head of Business Analytics

Filip joined NSoft in 2017 with a Computer Science degree from the University of Mostar. He has been instrumental in the company's business intelligence, leading the Business Analytics team and turning complex data into actionable insights.

Erbez Nebojsa
Nebojša Erbez
Head of Client Success Management

Nebojša, a Computer Science grad, joined NSoft in 2023 and quickly became the Head of CSM. His extensive background in the tech sector equips him with a nuanced understanding of both technical challenges and client relations, positioning NSoft's clients for success.

Jure Leko
Jure Leko
Head of Technical Support

Jure, a University of Mostar graduate in Computing, has been with NSoft since 2015. He specializes in customer support and is continuously working on improving service experience, leading our award-winning tech support team with practical know-how and a straightforward approach.

Janja Marincic
Janja Marinčić
Acting Head of Office Management

Janja, the Head of Office Management at NSoft since 2022, oversees documentation, archiving, procurement, and travel logistics. With her cooperative, communicative, and persistent nature, she plays a crucial role in the team, ensuring smooth operations for the company.

Marijofil Galić
Marijofil Galić
Head of Sports Trading

Since joining NSoft in 2015, Marijofil has been at the forefront of the sports trading department. With a sports trading career spanning back to 2001, his deep knowledge, leadership and strategic vision have been instrumental in Trading Office’s success and NSoft’s industry reputation.

Mario Coric
Mario Ćorić
Director of Manufacturing for Stark

Since joining the company in 2015, Mario has been instrumental in advancing Stark's production. With 20+ years in the industry, his focus on innovation and process improvement were essential to our growth and success. He now leads as the Director of Production.

Marko Juric
Marko Jurić
Head of Engineering Office for Stark

Since joining NSoft in 2016, Marko has excelled at product design and production engineering. He leads the Stark engineering team, using his problem-solving abilities, extensive knowledge, and Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering to improve Stark's processes.

Josip Coric
Josip Ćorić
Technical Director for Stark

Josip joined NSoft in 2022, bringing extensive experience from the manufacturing sector. He holds a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering, which underpins his expertise and strong commitment to quality in our Stark production line.

Ivan Cale
Ivan Čale
Head of Finance & Operations for Stark

Ivan steers the financial and operational helm at Stark, bringing onboard his expertise in finance since 2022. An Economics graduate, his knack for numbers and strategic planning ensure that Stark's financial health and operational efficiency are in capable hands.

Team & Tech Leads

Marin Glavina
Marin Glavina
Team Lead for Systems

Marin joined NSoft in 2013, bringing a strong expertise in system architecture that links hardware and software. His background includes roles in front-end, back-end, system administration, and engineering, all backed by a Master's degree in Computer Science.

Jakov Vlasic
Jakov Vlašić
Technical Lead for Systems

Jakov, a Computer Science graduate, joined NSoft in 2016. Skilled in operating systems, especially Linux, he has worked on web development, terminal printing systems, financial transactions, and now leads our operating system and software distribution efforts.

Mario Maric
Mario Marić
Team Lead for Games/Virtual Platform and Products

Mario joined NSoft in 2021, bringing a solid 10-year background in software development and management. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Mostar, fueling his leadership in innovative game development.

Ahmet Macic
Ahmet Macić
Team Lead for Casino/Platform and Products

Ahmet joined NSoft in 2014 with expertise in JavaScript, Node.js, and various front-end technologies. His contributions include developing a range of web applications and enhancing NSoft's service tools, showcasing his knack for both leadership and technical innovation.

Leo Bevanda
Leo Bevanda
Team Lead for Games/Lottery Products

Since joining NSoft in 2020, Leo has been leading the Games Team for Lottery Products. With a 15-year background in software development and a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Mostar, Leo expertly blends technical knowledge with leadership skills in his role.

Marko Dzidic
Marko Džidić
Team Lead for System Administration & ITAM

Marko joined NSoft in 2016 with years of experience in network management and Linux system administration. He expertly guides the SA and ITAM team, combining his technical know-how with leadership skills to drive efficient operations and team success.

Toni Zlomislic
Toni Zlomislić
Team Lead for Database

Toni has been an essential part of the NSoft team since 2017. With a background as a System/Network engineer turned DBA, he combines technical prowess with strong leadership skills to ensure the smooth operation of our database systems.

Antonio Dzidic
Antonio Džidić
Team Lead for K8S

Antonio joined NSoft in 2015, bringing his software engineering expertise to the team. Over the years, he has played a pivotal role in shaping our Kubernetes initiatives and is currently leading our K8S team with a strong focus on efficiency and reliability.

Zvonimir Taslak
Zvonimir Taslak
Team Lead for Team iOS

Zvonimir joined NSoft in 2017 with experience in iOS development and a Master's degree in Computer Science. After a brief hiatus, he returned in 2022 to lead Team iOS, where he uses his technical expertise and leadership skills to drive innovation and excellence.

Mate lukac
Mate Lukač
Team Lead for Integrations Mostar

Mate joined NSoft in 2011 and quickly became a key player in integrating our products with client systems. An Electrical Engineering graduate, a problem-solver and a goal-oriented leader, he has contributed to many projects, always demonstrating knowledge and effective solutions.

Sahzudin Mahmic
Šahzudin Mahmić
Team Lead for Integrations Maglaj

Šahzudin joined NSoft in 2020 with a degree in Computer Software Engineering. He excels as a backend developer, focusing on the integration of NSoft's products and services with client systems. His expertise ensures efficient and effective solutions in every project he leads.

Marko Galic
Marko Galić
Game Mathematician & Project Manager

Marko joined NSoft in 2020 with a Master's degree in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics from the University of Zagreb. His strong foundation in mathematics, economics, and law enables him to excel in game development by understanding its wider business implications.

Zvonimir Bukovac
Zvonimir Bukovac
Team Lead for QA

Zvonimir joined our team in 2014 after earning his Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Mostar. With a strong expertise in developing automatic tests, Zvonimir plays a key role in ensuring NSoft’s products meet the highest standards of quality.

Zoran Mihalj
Zoran Mihalj
Team Lead for Vision QA

Zoran joined NSoft in 2017. With an academic background in Business Informatics, he started as a data-driven Business Analytics Specialist. His dedication to excellence led him to QA at NSoft Vision, where he now leads the team in ensuring top-notch product and service quality.

Josip Zulj
Josip Žulj
Team Lead for Seven QA

Joining NSoft in 2010, Josip has been instrumental in developing QA testing strategies and automated solutions. His analytical approach to problem-solving and strong leadership ensure that the Seven QA team consistently delivers high-quality results.

Amela Dedic
Amela Dedić
Team Lead for Creative Team

Amela has been a part of the NSoft team since 2016, bringing her expertise in feature and game animation. With an academic background in history and a passion for all things geek, Amela's journey from historian to 3D animator is a testament to her creative and versatile skills.

Vasilj igor
Igor Vasilj
Sports Trading Team Lead/Pre-Match

With over 15 years of experience in both pre-match and live betting trading, Igor excels in risk management and analytics. He joined NSoft in 2014 and now leads the Pre-Match Sports Trading team, expertly balancing strategy, knowledge and practical insights.

Boris Božić
Boris Božić
Boris Božić - Sports Trading Team Lead/Live Betting

Since joining NSoft in 2016, Boris has been pivotal in the Live Betting Sports Trading team, leveraging his strong suit in risk analytics. With a Master's in Economics from the University of Mostar, he skillfully blends academic insights with practical trading strategies.

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