Editorial Policy and the rules we follow

NSoft's blog serves as a pivotal source of knowledge in the iGaming and betting industry, driven by our team of over 350 dedicated professionals. We aim to cover the breadth and depth of the industry, from the nuances of legal frameworks and financial trends to the latest in game design and software development innovations. Our editorial policy is crafted to ensure our commitment to providing content that is not only of the highest quality but also accurate, engaging, and reflective of the latest industry developments and NSoft's expertise.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inform, educate, and inspire our audience through expert-driven content that offers tangible value. We strive to be the ultimate resource for professionals looking to navigate the complexities of the iGaming and betting industry, fostering a community of well-informed, engaged, and forward-thinking B2B professionals.

Content Creation Process

Topic selection: Leveraging our team's deep expertise, we pinpoint topics that are timely, pertinent, and resonate with our audience. This process is enriched by market research, trend analysis, and feedback from our readers.

Research and collaboration: Comprehensive research underpins our content, incorporating internal data, industry reports, and expert insights. Collaboration across departments ensures a well-rounded perspective.

Content development: Our content is exclusively written by our own experts, not external writers. These specialists draw from their deep industry knowledge to produce original, accurate, and engaging articles, making complex ideas accessible and informative. We do not accept guest posts, ensuring that all content authentically represents NSoft's insights and expertise.

Fact-checking: Every article undergoes a thorough fact-checking process, ensuring our content is reliable and trustworthy.

Editorial review: Rigorous editorial review ensures content clarity, coherence, and adherence to our high standards. This process includes close collaboration between our editorial team and content creators.

SEO optimization: We optimize content for search engines to ensure our articles are easily discoverable and rank prominently, without compromising on quality or readability.

Visual and multimedia enhancement: Original visuals and graphics are crafted by our in-house designers and photographers to augment and enrich the narrative. We also engage in producing videos and interactive media for an enhanced content experience.

Citation and attribution: We rigorously cite sources and provide proper attribution for all data, quotes, and references used in our articles. We also occasionally source images under fair use, respecting copyright laws while enhancing our content visually.

Publication and distribution: Content, once perfected, is published on our blog and shared across our social media channels and email newsletters to maximize reach and engagement.

Regular updates: We are committed to keeping our content fresh and relevant by regularly reviewing and updating existing articles to incorporate new information, industry developments, and emerging trends. This ensures that our audience receives the most accurate and up-to-date insights.

Engagement and Multi-Platform Strategy

Social media integration: We actively share and promote our content on various social media platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We're not just sharing content; we're starting conversations, sharing insights, and building a community. Our aim is to create an environment where feedback and discussion aren't just welcomed—they're essential.

YouTube content creation: Our YouTube channel offers insights into industry events, deep dives into trending topics, behind-the-scenes looks at NSoft’s operations and more, providing an additional layer of content that complements our written articles.

Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement

Feedback loop: We value reader feedback, monitoring interactions to gauge what truly engages our audience, thereby continually refining our content strategy.

Training and development: Our team receives continuous training to stay updated on industry trends, SEO practices, and content creation tools, ensuring our content remains at the forefront.

Performance review: We regularly assess content performance through engagement metrics and SEO rankings, informing our content planning and allowing us to adapt to evolving audience preferences and industry trends.

Conflict of Interest Policy

NSoft acknowledges Sportradar as our majority owner. Despite this affiliation, we maintain editorial independence and transparency. We disclose any potential influences on our content and uphold rigorous standards for objectivity and accuracy.

Ethical Considerations and Transparency

Responsible reporting: We are committed to ethical reporting, ensuring transparency and accuracy in our content. This includes a clear distinction between editorial and promotional content.

Privacy safeguarding: Our active participation in industry events and direct insights from clients enrich our content. We prioritize safeguarding our clients' privacy, adhering to strict data protection standards.

Diversity and inclusion:
Our content reflects the diversity of the industry and our audience, promoting inclusive practices and perspectives.


NSoft's blog is more than just a source of information; it's a hub for innovation, learning, and community building within the iGaming and betting industry. Our comprehensive editorial policy ensures that each piece of content we produce meets our high standards for quality, relevance, and engagement. We are dedicated to empowering and inspiring our audience through our commitment to excellence in every article we publish.

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