Catch Our SBC Interview: NSoft's Bold Move into Retail Crash Games!

by Josip Vrbić, Managing Director for Seven Games


I recently had the chance to chat with SBC's CasinoBeats about NSoft's latest and quite exciting venture – bringing the thrill of crash games into retail betting. It's a fresh twist to a popular online favourite, and here's a sneak peek into what we're up to.

Why Crash Games? Why Retail? #

Retail gaming needed something fresh, and we thought, why not a crash game? Crash gaming is a hit online because it’s easy and fun. With Crash Cash, we're all about bringing that same energy to retail – a new twist in the iGaming scene that's sure to catch on.

Adapting for a New Scene #

Transitioning from online to retail isn't just a copy-paste job. We've tailored Crash Cash to fit the unique pace and atmosphere of retail – think new cash-out mechanism, adapted round duration and a cool bonus feature. It's Crash gaming like you've never seen it before.

Expectations? Sky-High! #

From Europe to Africa, the buzz around our retail crash game is unreal, showing that this new format is what players everywhere have been waiting for. And it's not just for traditional retail; we're also rolling out Crash Cash on self-service betting terminals. So, yes, we're expecting a big splash.

Just the Beginning #

There's so much more to share, but I'll leave some surprises for the full interview. If you're curious about the nitty-gritty of our new venture and what the future holds, check out the complete, two-part interview on CasinoBeats: part 1 & part 2.

Reach out to us and join the waitlist to bring our Crash Cash game to your customers. It's THE change your retail space needs!


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