NSoft multichannel Sportsbook software integration to Stanleybet Romania


Stanleybet Romania has chosen NSoft Sportsbook for its sports betting business. The deal was penned in the summer of 2022, including the integration of sports betting solutions to all operator’s channels. The integration process covers all delivery channels: web, mobile app, retail, and terminals.

“Stanleybet and NSoft have long-lasting cooperation with an excellent track record. We at Stanlybet are familiar with the NSoft Sportsbook solution, which best fits our widely spread business operations in Romania. As challenging as it sometimes can be, the integration process itself is going smoothly thanks to the teams from both sides and, of course, primarily thanks to the great, modular software NSoft offers, stated Csaba Tanko," CEO of Stanlybet Romania.

The Stanleybet brand has been present in the Romanian betting market since 2004. Ever since, the company has provided top-quality content and entertainment to an impressive player base, constantly improving its game listing. With sports betting and casino content as a base layer of business operation, the company relies on stable, quality suppliers.

“As a sports fan and someone who runs a betting business, I can not stress enough the importance of smoothness, simplicity, and versatility for the players when it comes to sports betting. We have it all with NSoft Sportsbook,” concluded Mr Tanko.

NSoft has a strong presence in SEE and CE regions. “We are delighted to have Stanlybet Romania runs its sports betting business using our Sportsbook. It is a market-ready solution that can easily answer all their needs - with versatile sports and market offers covering both - major leagues and locally relevant content. It is yet another great reference for our solutions,” commented Marko Lasić, Regional Sales Manager, Europe at NSoft.

N.B. Stanleybet Romania is owned by Equilor Holding Limited and is not part of the Stanleybet Group. It operates the Stanleybet brand in Romania under license from the Stanleybet Group.


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