NSoft shortlisted in two categories to SBC Awards


NSoft has received one more confirmation of its business excellence in 2019 by being shortlisted in two categories for this year’s SBC Award. NSoft will be competing for the prestigious awards: Best Live Streaming Product and Innovation of the Year.

This is the sixth edition of the SBC awarding ceremony which celebrates the very best in sports betting and recognizes the achievements from across the industry. This year the SBC Awards will feature 41 award categories whereof 14 Operator awards, 3 Affiliate awards, 18 Supplier awards, 2 Specialist awards, and 4 Payment awards. NSoft is shortlisted under the Supplier section.

“The SBC Awarding ceremony will be the finest way to conclude this very successful business year for NSoft. Being shortlisted for this prestigious award is a success itself. I am glad that our Sportsbook solution, especially In-Play and its features, is perceived as very best in the industry. Moreover, being recognized as an innovator is very exciting. It simply means that people recognize and understand our vision,” commented Dražan Planinić, NSoft’s Head of Product Development.

The product that mainly led NSoft to the Innovation of the Year nomination is NSoft Vision which will also be showcased at the upcoming CES 2020. It is an AI-driven surveillance system that provides many business applications. “True power of NSoft Vision comes from its smart, robust underlying AI services and the features that are constantly getting better thanks to Machine Learning. NSoft Vision collects real-time and historical data aiming to empower data-driven decision-making processes for one’s business. Wherever presented, NSoft Vision was an attraction driver, but being shortlisted for the SBC Award is a true verification of its uniqueness among the industry professionals,” commented Luciano Kovačević, NSoft’s Product Manager.

The SBC Awarding Ceremony is scheduled for December 3rd, 2019 in London.


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