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Technical requirements handled swiftly #

Like any other business niche, betting industry and its operators want their solutions fast, without complications or delays. Providers are often under pressure doing their best to fulfill such requirements and accomplish all tasks in due time.

Regardless if approaching a new market, prospective lead, expanding your cooperation with an existing partner, launching and releasing a new product to a specific market - it is a multilayered process that needs to be handled to the last detail.

A Technical Account Manager is a specialist that oversees and addresses customer’s technical needs providing an accurate service before and after a point of sale - ensuring customer satisfaction. It’s a position specialized to handle projects, remove technical obstacles and minimize the impact of such circumstances.

Nevertheless, the TAM’s role is important in a pre-sale process, as equally as in a post-sale process. Fulfilling all inquired requirements, offering alternative solutions to the presented problems, competing with existing market and efficiently using all resources our partner already has without implying further costs is what an NSoft’s TAM does. In cooperation with sales agents and assistants, we are a driving force behind most, if not all, ongoing sales processes.

Another very important thing to emphasize is that not only new perspective partners are the ones we attend to; all of our existing partners do have a dedicated TAM to cover all their technical needs. The customers’ needs consist of expanding their product portfolio, improving an existing one, handling requests to adjust the software itself, and to a greater degree making sure everything is running smoothly as intended, from a technical standpoint. I believe, personally, since the introduction of such position in our business department, existing partners have never been more satisfied in terms of technical support and advice offered. Our relationships have, if anything, strengthened over the prolonged period of time.

Being a TAM, however, brings its own challenges to the table. Not seldom it happens, especially when approaching a new market, a necessity to fulfill all requirements that are regulated by jurisdiction of that particular country, state or a governing body. Then, intended use of features already deployed and ready to use, change in shape and form to accommodate whatever is required to successfully launch the product. Such projects require a lot of patience, a lot of back and forth communication between us, the partner, governing body and certifying house in order to adhere to the existing legislation.

Those processes usually delay time-to-launch and it becomes our responsibility to handle such matters with delicacy and patience – because the time periods of such, sometimes tedious, ongoing releases can get extended from weeks up to months. Thus, being a TAM requires a mental fortitude, while the tenacity is one of the most desired characteristics one should have. An extensive technical knowledge of our platform, product palette and ever-evolving market we’re approaching, makes TAM the NSoft’s spirit representative at its core.

Benefits of associating TAM with each ongoing project are numerous, and do not only apply directly to the associated partner. With the expansion of sales force with a department of Technical Account Management, the direct communication of our development to people outside the business sphere of the company is minimal. Reaping such benefits directly, without enduring further stress, our development manages to push out products and releases out faster and in a higher calibre.

Besides operating with the partners directly, this position requires us to be a middleware between the various departments within the company itself. Based on that, obligations extend to arranging internal planning and releases, testing of features, coordinating communication towards outer layers, issuing product instances and maintaining the existing ones. However, the work does not stop there. International trips are not uncommon and a happy partner is the best partner - most tasks and arrangements are best performed when meeting face to face – we don’t yield from a such commitment. Such trips and projects, during the last year, led us on trips to Romania, Belgium, Slovakia, France, Ghana, Tanzania, Serbia, Montenegro, USA and other places across several continents.

Demanding position as any other, our goal is to enable you to launch and maintain your business in accordance with your planned activities. Remaining at your disposal and offering you the best service a technical account manager can is what an NSoft’s TAM does the best.


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