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The Most Popular Betting Events Around the World


From the FIFA World Cup to the Eurovision Song Contest—if there's a score, there's a bet. We're tracking the biggest, boldest betting showdowns across the globe, so scroll down to see where the money goes.

1. FIFA World Cup #

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar
2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar | Heo Manjin

Every four years, the FIFA World Cup kicks off with a frenzy of flags and fanfare. As soccer's ultimate prize, it draws in a massive betting crowd globally. Whether it’s in a pub in London or a café in Buenos Aires, you’ll find fans biting their nails and checking their betting apps as the goals roll in.

2. The Super Bowl #

Every February, the Super Bowl captures the U.S. (and a sizeable global audience) with its flashy halftime shows and even flashier commercials. Betting pools go wild—from the game's score to the color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach, everything's up for grabs.

3. The Olympic Games #

Alternating between Summer and Winter Games every two years, the Olympics are where you find out what sports like skeleton are. Popular globally, especially in the countries hoarding the most medals, you can bet your bottom dollar it's serious bookie business.

4. The UEFA Champions League #

UEFA Champions League Final
UEFA Champions League Final | Johnny Vulkan

This annual football clash of the European titans runs from June to May, peaking with the final where legends are made. The Champions League is not just popular—it's a ritual in Europe, with fans eagerly betting on everything from outright winners to the number of yellow cards.

5. Tennis Grand Slams #

With four slams a year—Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open—tennis fans bet on everything from straight wins to how many times Đokovic will bounce the ball before serving. Each court plays differently, so you better know your clay from your grass.

6. The Grand National #

Every April in the UK, this iconic horse race draws huge crowds and huge bets. Known for its unpredictability, it’s a gambler’s dream—or nightmare. Long shots and sure bets alike, there's money to be lost and made in equal measure.

7. Cricket World Cup #

Cricket World Cup Final
Cricket World Cup Final | Tourism Victoria

Taking place every four years, this is the big one for cricket fans, especially in cricket-mad countries like India, Australia, and the UK. Betting on who will smash the most sixes or which bowler will take the most wickets is almost as heated as the on-field action.


Held every four years, alternating with the World Cup, the UEFA EURO draws football fans into a frenzy. It’s smaller than the World Cup, but try telling that to the die-hards. Betting slips are as colorful as the flags waving in the stands.

9. The Kentucky Derby #

Known as “the most exciting two minutes in sports,” the first leg of the American Triple Crown is a big deal in the betting world. It’s mint juleps, big hats, and even bigger wagers in Lousiville, Kentucky. Just don't blink, or you'll miss it.

10. Rugby World Cup #

Rugby World Cup
2023 Rugby World Cup match | JaumeBG

Every four years, the Rugby World Cup tackles its way onto the scene. It’s a bruising few weeks where nations like New Zealand, England, and South Africa clash to claim the title of toughest on the planet. Betting? Just as fierce as the matches.

11. March Madness (NCAA College Basketball Tournament) #

From mid-March to early April, this college basketball extravaganza takes over the U.S., and even non-fans get in on the odds and betting action. Brackets get busted, offices get competitive, and somewhere, a Cinderella story makes someone a pile of cash.

12. The NBA Finals #

Held annually in June, the culmination of the NBA season is a showstopper event in the U.S., with fans around the globe tuning in. Betting on points, rebounds, and last-minute buzzer-beaters—it’s as much a basketball spectacle as it is a betting highlight.

13. The Masters Golf Tournament #

Masters Tournament
Masters Tournament | Shannon McGee

Every April, the Masters brings an air of sophistication to betting. Held in Augusta, Georgia, it’s where you bet not just on the winner but on whether the wind will pick up and send someone’s ball into a water hazard. Golf claps for everyone.

14. The World Series #

The pinnacle of American baseball, this October classic pits the best of the American and National Leagues against each other. For bettors, it’s not just about who wins the series but who hits the most home runs, who strikes out, and who steals the most bases.

15. Formula One Races #

Scattered throughout the year, Formula One races are high-octane, high-stress, and high-speed. Popular globally, each race is a blend of engineering excellence and driver daring—perfect for precision betting.

16. Premier League Football #

Premier League Match
Premier League Match | SonoGrazy

From August to May, the UK’s top football league unfolds. It’s a long season, ripe for long-term betting strategies. Whether it’s a bet on the next manager to get sacked or which player scores the most goals, it’s a full-time job keeping up.

17. Boxing and MMA Title Fights #

Big fights mean big bets, with major bouts happening throughout the year. From heavyweight showdowns to technical featherweight clashes, knowing the fighters’ forms and fight styles is crucial. From Vegas to Macau, fists and bets fly.

18. The Stanley Cup #

The pinnacle of the NHL season in June, where grit, ice, and beards collide. Hockey betting is fast and furious, with money riding on everything from the winner to in-game events like penalties and goals.

19. Esports Tournaments #

LoL World Championship Finals
LoL World Championship Finals | Artubr

These aren't your childhood video games; they’re big business and even bigger in betting circles. Held throughout the year, tournaments like the League of Legends World Championship or the Dota 2 International attract massive global viewership and equally large bets.

20. Eurovision Song Contest #

Every May, the Eurovision Song Contest offers a musical extravaganza where countries compete not just for a trophy but for bragging rights across Europe (and Australia, because why not?). And yes, people actually bet on this. Big time.

21. Tour de France #

Held in July, this grueling multi-stage bike race across France (and occasionally neighbouring countries) isn’t just about the fastest cyclist; it’s about endurance—for both the athletes and the bettors tracking their every move over those grueling 21 days.

And there you have it—your quick guide to the world's hottest betting events. From the pitch to the track, these showdowns keep the stakes high and the excitement higher.

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