NSoft and Madasava Introduce a Game-Changing Offline Betting Experience

Imagine being able to place your bets without an active internet connection. We are introducing a progressive web mobile application that revolutionizes betting by facilitating it in an offline environment.


Imagine being able to place your bets without an active internet connection. Sounds magical, right? We have made it possible.

Through a ground-breaking initiative, Nsoft and its partner Madasava, are introducing a progressive web mobile application that revolutionizes betting by facilitating it in an offline environment.

In the constantly evolving world of technology, we seek to bring this solution that pushes boundaries even further, and bridges gaps which exist today in places where the internet still is a scarce commodity.

Harness the Power of the SMS #

progressive web mobile application

Gone are the days when lack of internet connectivity meant no play. With our innovative mobile application, users can place bets on pre-match events, participate in virtual games, and even try their luck in online lotteries through the simple use of our offline betting application.

Yes, you read that right: all of these activities can be performed offline - without internet connectivity. Our application creates a revolutionary and user-friendly betting landscape that transcends all traditional barriers, making the process as seamless as if you were online.

A Fluid, Intuitive Experience for the players #

The application has been designed to replicate the smooth and intuitive betting experience you are accustomed to online. Using this application is not different to placing a bet online. Players can easily choose, add and remove selected bets to their bet slip, which once confirmed by the player, is automatically translated to an SMS code, which is used to place the bet from anywhere, from their mobile device, with no need for any internet connectivity.

Not only can users place bets offline this way, but the application also seamlessly allows users to register, deposit and withdraw money from their betting accounts directly from their device, with no internet connection, thereby creating an inclusive and empowering ecosystem for players everywhere, especially in regions where internet connectivity is limited.

And for those in fear of not having the latest odds and payout information, the application also offers the choice to users to have updated-to-the-minute information through the simple click of button, which we know is especially key to high rollers. Players will, in any case, be informed of potential changes in odds and payouts at all times when placing a bet offline on the application.

Inclusive and Empowering #

We are enthusiastic about this collaboration with Madasava, a relationship that not only augments revenues but significantly broadens the horizon of betting possibilities, especially in African regions, where the lack of extensive network infrastructure has previously been a barrier to the betting industry. By providing a solution that bypasses these challenges, NSoft and Madasava are opening doors to new possibilities and experiences.

“Bringing the joy and excitement of betting to areas with limited internet infrastructure has always been a goal we aspired to achieve,” says Nikola Crnjac, Sales Manager at NSoft. “With this innovative application, we are not only increasing revenue avenues but also empowering communities by providing them with entertainment options that were previously unreachable.”

Join the Movement #

Partner Madasava is spearheading the push for this initiative, working tirelessly on maintaining and improving the application with new features. This partnership is set to boost revenues for existing clients, paving the way for a prosperous and collaborative future.

“We are incredibly excited about this venture, which stands as a testament to the innovation and foresight NSoft embodies,” says Hemant Gujadhur, CEO at Madasava. “Together, we are paving a path that bridges gaps and creates opportunities in regions where the betting market has remained largely untapped.”

Join us in this remarkable journey as we reshape the betting industry, making it more inclusive, accessible, and enjoyable for all.


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