SBC Awards 2020 – NSoft to compete in three categories


Last quarter of the year 2020 for NSoft is already marked as a successful one. NSoft is competing for the prestigious SBC Awards. The official SBC Awards shortlist features the most successful betting and gaming companies: affiliates, operators and betting suppliers.

We are pleased to announce that NSoft is shortlisted in three categories and will be competing for the awards:

This is the seventh edition of the SBC Awards. The mission of the organiser is to reward and celebrate excellence in the betting and gaming industry. SBC will award top archivers: operators, affiliates, and suppliers, based on their results across several disciplines. Companies are competing in 44 award categories: 14 Operator awards, 3 Affiliate awards, 21 Supplier awards, 2 Specialist awards and 4 Payment awards.

This year’s awarding is a special one, as it refers to a very challenging period, marked by lockdown, uncertainty and everything but business as usual.

“This is very exciting, and I am so proud of our entire team. This year we had to adjust to such a sudden and intense shift, but it just made us stronger and more resilient. That is the reason more to embrace these nominations with extra joy. It is truly an honour to see our virtual games listed among the very best in the industry,” commented Mr Dario Jurčić, co-CEO of NSoft.

“I am immensely proud of NSoft for being nominated within the category: Land-Based Betting & Gaming Product as a retail channel, in general, suffered the most in 2020. Finally, being recognised as a rising star in sports betting innovation gives us extra boost and confirmation that we are on the right track,” concluded Jurčić.

“For the category Rising Star in Sports Betting Innovation/Software we have nominated integration of our NSoft Vision, video surveillance software into Seven betting platform. NSoft Vision is a facial recognition software that harvests the power of AI to improve video management and data collection for retail-oriented businesses. Creating an integrated solution where one bet shop would be regarded as a web page in terms of analytics was a fine business use case. Most importantly, it would be useful information that brings more power and awareness over retail performance and players behaviour. It is thrilling for us to have this concept verified by the SBC Awards jury,” stated Igor Bradara, Managing Director of AI Services.

SBC awarding ceremony will host over 800 guests, and this year, the event will be held online for the first time. It is scheduled for 9 December 2020.


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