Stark’s Wall-T terminals at promotional prices with complementary free NSoft’s virtuals 

News | 08 May 2020

Stark Solutions, an innovative SSBT manufacturer, has decided to build strong foundations for retail betting business in the second half of 2020. 

The idea is to provide support to forward-thinking retail oriented betting operators in the form of the special offer that includes top-selling Wall-T SSBT. This terminal by itself assures fast ROI and is very popular due to the fact that it fits in every space. It is the space-saving bet shop terminal optimized for any business as it allows different mounting options. 

Having Wall-T in the core of the special offer Star foresees fast Wall-T delivery for 10+ orders for the unique price of EUR 1,850 Ex-Works. Further on, the offer is supported by NSoft, an award-winning software solutions provider for the betting industry. Every order of 20+ Wall-Ts is to be followed by free of charge NSoft virtuals running on them, for a period of two months. This offer is valid for the orders placed by June 1, 2020. The two-month grace period is simply activated by the first production ticket. 

‘’Manufacturers and software providers working together to offer a market-ready solution are yet another example of a clear strategy to overcome the challenges of the Q1 2020. This combo is a kickstart to the existing and new partners that will provide them with a great pole position for the rest of this business year.’’ commented Stark and NSoft SVPs Sales.

In order to meet fast delivery standards, the Wall-T peripherals included in this offer is strictly defined. The standard for this Wall-T’s peripherals is a touchscreen sensitive for usage with protective gloves. The Wall-Ts are CE certified and include the 12 months warranty on the periphery and 3 years warranty on case/body (metal/welding).

Find out more on this special offer, fill out the form till June 1, 2020.