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The one to rule them all - The importance of an adaptable betting platform

by Ajda Marić, Engineering Manager, Seven Sportsbook


No "one fits all" solution #

A few years back, following trends the betting industry imposed, NSoft found itself on an inevitable road of moving from an old betting platform to a more robust one.

NAB (NSoft Application for Bet shop) was based on a server per tenant deployment, without unique base code and no automatization, whether it be releasing a new client or updating software for an existing one.

The influx of new and more demanding clients, as well as a giant shift from mostly land-based to online, required a betting platform that would make orchestrating retail business less tedious, but also accommodate all needs pure web-based clients might have.

Running both platforms in parallel involved regularly activating new clients on Seven while migrating existing ones from NAB. One must not affect the other so clients on NAB had the usual high-level service they were accustomed to. Due to the diversity of the client base and local specifics of every client, we had to carefully and individually plan each migration. Software requirements, hardware capabilities, operative extent and any other limitation a client might’ve had were analyzed in detail. The findings then set the path of the migration process. We were making sure that it was adjusted to the client’s needs.

Betting business’ specifics: Virtual games vs Sportsbook #

During the migration, there were two aspects: migration of Virtual games clients and those using Sports betting as the core of their business. In the latter, Sportradar’s decommission of legacy feeds, which NAB heavily depended on, played a big role since migration now became not a long-running process, but a mission with a clear deadline.

Unified Odds Feed was now supported on our Seven MTS Live Betting solution and as such was the only option after legacy feeds were shut down.

Moving a clients business from NAB to Seven would’ve been a massive operative effort if it wasn’t for Seven team System’s carefully curated ecosystem. This enabled a highly-efficient set of tools. Remote device management, control of peripheral communication and management, OS running various in-house and 3rd party apps and services are some of them.

The complexity of the Pre-Match Self-Managed system #

The team gathered around the betting industry’s specialists designed a set of features that were brought to life by our highly-skilled developers. One of the highlights of this process was the migration of a client using our NAB Self Managed application to the Seven Self Managed solution. Pre-Match SM Betting apps are known to be the most important and complex part of any betting provider. Making this shift seamless was a major challenge and a great success once it was finished without downtime.

Teamwork for modular ecosystem #

The main challenge was enabling operators to run their business simultaneously on both platforms during the migration period. The second greatest thing was genuine cooperation and in sync with more than ten teams. They all did their part in making the transition as neat as possible during the course of several months.

One of the biggest accomplishments Seven betting platform can be proud of is that of accommodating a huge number of land-based betting clients, along with the online clients which, by their definition, require quite a versatile list of functionalities. Creating a modular and configurable ecosystem that is capable of doing so is a long-term effort and demands constant upgrades and improvements. That's why we can still consider it a work in progress.

NSoft Seven - It platform #

Apart from the obvious partners’ business gains, making Seven “The” platform at NSoft was a common internal goal as well. It takes time to develop a team that is capable to recognize market needs and shape infrastructure accordingly. Years of experience in this industry resulted in numerous experts with vast knowledge that are the right fit for the job. So in order to address it, our architects are combining different approaches to optimize software development.

Integrating new features, complying with different legal authorities etc will eventually make it possible to enter new markets in much less time than it took us before.

Even though Seven lives up to its potential, NAB will remain a starting point on which we are forever proud and grateful. It has learned us patience, brought us our first success (and failures). NAB paved our road in this business. It may be regarded as obsolete today, but it gave us a solid foundation on which we built the knowledge base NSoft has today.


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