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Faster Than Ever Horse Racing

Attractive and much better than reality - it offers visualisation of live standings and race progress, as well as visually appealing and comprehensive statistics. Why bet on real-life races and wait hours or days for the next race when new technologies allow betting every 3-4 minutes?

Since virtual sports are being increasingly popular among the millennials who value sophisticated technological advances and cherish growing mobility, virtual sports will boost your business performance adding yet another target audience to your growth plan.

Virtual Horse Races Demo

Various Bet Type Possibilities for Your Customer Entertainment

The Winner

Players can bet on the winner of the race.


Players can bet on the winner of the race and the runner-up.


Players can bet on the order of the first three horses to cross the line.


Players can bet on whether a chosen horse will finish among the first two.


Players can bet on whether a chosen horse will finish among the first three.

Reverse Forecast

Players can bet on several different order combinations on a single ticket.

Product Highlights

Virtual Horse Races

Unique UI design; horses, jockeys and track are completely designed and animated by the NSoft team

Number of Races

8 horses and jockeys

Round Duration

Configurable - choose round duration

Additional Features

  1. Super Bonus (accumulated jackpot)

  2. AI system for horses – realistic race behaviour

  3. Dynamic UI which adapts to the number of horses

  4. 8 different and realistic-looking horses and jockeys

  5. Grass-based hippodrome with a realistic environment

  6. Dynamic weather (sun, cloud and rain)

  7. ToD (Time of Day) – dawn, midday, sunrise and night time

  8. Celebrate your brand with logo banners on visualisation

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