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Greyhound Races

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Greyhound Racing Experience with Exciting Bets

Running is one of the greyhound’s basic instincts while guessing the winner of a race is in human nature. Greyhound Races combines these two instincts into an exciting virtual game that captivates players. With its multiple betting options and distinctive visual identity, Greyhound Races provides entertainment for players always looking for new challenges.

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Greyhound Races is the only game in NSoft’s virtual games portfolio that uses real-life footage. However, RNG works in the background, so the results are electronically generated in line with all other virtual games. This game challenges players to place bets on one or more of the six dogs racing around the track. The race is pre-recorded, and the round duration is configurable. Besides standard and special bets, the game also features a progressive jackpot.

NSoft's Greyhound Races can be complemented by customizable features, providing a better player experience.

Various Bet Type Possibilities for Your Customer Entertainment

Various Bet Type Possibilities for Your Customer Excitement

The Winner

Players bet on the winner of the race.


Players bet on the winner and runner-up.


Players bet on the order of the first three dogs to cross the line.


Players bet on whether a chosen dog will finish in the first two.


Players bet on whether a chosen dog will finish in the first three.

Reverse Forecast

Players bet on several different order combinations on a single ticket.

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