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Doing Business in Q1 2021: COO overview


Keep up, go strong, do smart! #

In the first quarter of 2021, NSoft's business operations marked growth in all the key areas despite the global COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns.

By Dražan Planinić, NSoft COO

Our overall business turnover grew by 13% compared to Q1 2020, with online being the stronghold of the business with 59% growth in Q1 2021. There was an exceptional growth on our Sportsbook software - the online traffic doubled compared to the same quarter last year.

The best performing product in the total number of tickets was Live Sports Betting solution on online/mobile on every market, with a turnover increase of 75% in Q1 2021 compared to Q1 2020.

The teamwork and commitment of all of us are showing their strength. We have always been known for a strong sense of community within the company and strong ties to the customers. We see them as our long-term partners with whom we thrive together.

In the long run, our primary focus is a further development of the betting game portfolio and new features of the existing betting solutions, entering new markets, and quality over quantity.

Where software meets hardware #

The biggest hit that marked Q1 2021 is the finalisation of the merging process of STARK Solution to NSoft. Internally, this change straightens our position in terms of the workforce as well as financially as it adds another stream of revenue - and it’s a quite valuable one. A manufacturer of premium betting terminals, STARK added a high-quality hardware component to our diversified betting and gaming software development business for the betting and gaming industry. This is the definition of being an omnichannel supplier!

Despite the lock-down, the new normal, pandemic, land-based business will thrive. Our pole position gives our partners and us tremendous flexibility in planning and business dynamics. NSoft-STARK synergy has generated great deals in the first three months of 2021. Despite the numerous problems caused by the pandemic: restrictions on travel and transport, closing of retail shops, we managed to deliver our terminals to Poland, Croatia, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro among others.

New strongholds, new customers #

A few crucial projects were running simultaneously in Q1 2021 although there are still travel restrictions caused by the lockdown.

The first quarter marked the entering into four new markets and acquisition of 14 new clients from France, Central African Republic, Dominican Republic, Turkey, and few others. Word of mouth is strong even without physical presence, trade shows, and very limited travelling options. This shows our strength and the power of our brand.

We're at the forefront of new markets and at the same time strengthening our presence and working on new projects in the traditionally strong CEE market.

Tech improvements, new offering and features #

Q1 2021 was very hectic when we talked about new products and new features. We have updated our internal processes from the tech side and introduce even more strict security rules and policies. This activity is part of our regular work in this field. We regularly perform stress tests as we understand the importance of this business aspect and the impact not just on us but also on our clients.

Lightning games

In Q1 2021, the Lightning games have seen the light of the day. This addition to the portfolio was a logical step in the overall strategy dedicated to enhance online channel offering.

They were developed to provide online players with a better user experience and give our partners the flexibility to place them into virtual or casino categories. The possibility of putting them in both categories: virtual games and casino games is something which our partners highly praised.

Lightning Lucky Six and Lightning Roulette are faster and simplified versions of our popular games, which have been on the throne of our product offer for a long time thanks to great user experience and wide acceptance of the products.


NSoft Lottery is also a novelty in our product range. With this product, we wanted to satisfy players who like to bet on real lottery draws worldwide. So, we have a full solution based on Betradar’s Unified Odds Feed on over 6,500 events per week from over 30 countries.

NSoft Slots - the all-new exciting world of games

We are incredibly proud of the fact that we have mapped the road for entering the world of slots. NSoft Casino is a novelty that we want to present for the first time to our partners, who have so far only been able to integrate various casino games on our platform. Now, we can boast with our in-house slot games that will be on the market soon, but we’ll talk more about that in the Q2 of 2021.

Boosted NSoft Sportsbook Platform

We have raised the Sportsbook Platform to a new level on all channels with new functionalities, and we continue with the Cash Out feature. Cash Out is a must-have, and the existing clients have already upgraded the Sportsbook to a new UX version that includes it.

In retail, we are still one step ahead of our competition and have brought our retail solution to perfection. We're following the same steps to reach the same level on all other delivery channels. With remote device manager, we are offering a sportsbook software solution for land-based operators like no other on the market.

NSoft Vision

Our AI boosted video management system for surveillance and business analytics is not a rising star anymore. It is a mature product, market-ready with a small but steadily growing client base and a strong reseller and partner base. New features, new experts working daily on improvements and expansion to the European market made a lot of buzz around NSoft Vision.

Q1 result predicts a very successful year #

Even after the first quarter, we can recognise the global direction results we are aiming for. We are investing in cooperations with other platform providers such as Playtech, iSoftBet, EveryMatrix, Blue Ocean Gaming, Oryx and many others.

The business growth and the team morale keep us going. We are finishing a new round of the onboard process for our new 20 colleagues with 13 more to join our team in the following days. New people always bring new ideas and energy, so we are looking forward to an exciting summer with EURO 2020. New normal is different for anyone, and our is: keep up, go strong, do smart!

To get in touch with the NSoft team, send an email to [email protected], or fill out the contact form.


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