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The Operator's Guide to Global Gaming Licenses: What You Need to Know

by Zlatan Omerspahić, Head of Legal and Compliance


If you're an iGaming operator looking to expand your horizons, you're in the right place. We're going to walk you through the ins and outs of some of the most influential licenses in the industry. From the UK to the Isle of Man, we've got the lowdown on what it takes to get your foot in the door and why each of these licenses might be the right fit for your business model. Let's get started.

1. UK Gambling Commission - The Gold Standard #

UK Gambling Commission license

Getting the license: You’re eyeing the UK market? Smart move. But first, you'll need a UK Gambling Commission license. The UKGC offers three types of operating licenses: Non-Remote, Remote, and Ancillary. Depending on your business's nature, you might need one or a mix of these. The process is not just paperwork; it's about showing your business integrity, financial stability, competence, and a clean criminal record. The UKGC assesses every of these aspects thoroughly.

The cost of entry: Money talks here. There's an application fee that varies based on your operation's size and type. For the exact numbers, you’ll want to check the UKGC's fee calculator on their website. And once you're in, there's the first annual fee due within 30 days of your license being issued. Then, there are annual fees, payable before the anniversary of your license each year. These fees also depend on the scale and type of your operation.

One more thing: Not based in the UK? No problem, but you need a UK address for correspondence. It can't be a P.O. Box - think of an address with a consistent staff presence or an official representative like an accountant or solicitor. This address sticks with you for as long as you hold the license​

In short: A UKGC license is your key to credibility and market access. Yes, it's a commitment – in standards and cash – but it’s a solid investment for those looking to make a real impact.

Malta Gaming Authority - Gateway to Europe #

MGA gaming license

Licensing at MGA: Thinking of stepping into the European online gaming scene? The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is your go-to. They offer B2C and B2B licenses, covering everything from online casinos to software providers. The process? It’s thorough – expect to show your company's clean record, a solid business plan, and that you're all set up in Malta​​.

Fees: The MGA sets its fee structure to match the scale and type of your operation. It's a tailored approach, ensuring fairness for businesses of all sizes. But here's a heads-up: steer clear of second-hand info. Fee details are crucial and you don't want to base your business decisions on outdated or inaccurate data. Our advice? Go straight to the source. Reach out to the MGA directly for the most current and precise fee information. It’s the smart move to avoid surprises and plan your finances effectively.

Why Malta? Getting an MGA license isn't just a regulatory checkbox. It's a statement. You're telling your customers and competitors that you're playing at a European level – with all the credibility and opportunities that come with it.

3. Curacao - Cost-Effective and Flexible #

Curacao Gaming Control Board license

Application process: To apply, you need to be a legal entity incorporated under the laws of Curaçao with your registered office in Curaçao. They focus mainly on two things: player management and funds management. The process looks at your integrity, financial stability, and how you plan to handle player interactions​​. And remember, this license is all about online business - it’s what they specialize in.

Fees Breakdown: Here's the deal with the fees, as listed on the Curacao Gaming Control Board's official website: the annual license fee is ANG 120,000 (about €58,800). You pay ANG 36,000 (around €17,640) when you get the license, and then it's ANG 7,000 per month (approximately €3,430)​​. No hidden costs, no surprises. It's a straightforward and cost-effective option, especially when compared to other major jurisdictions like the UK, Malta, or Gibraltar.

Why Curacao? A Curacao license means lower costs, lower tax rates and a smoother entry into the gaming market. It's ideal for startups and those targeting an international audience. But remember, lower costs don't mean lower standards. Compliance and upkeep are key.

Bottom line: Curacao's license offers a balance of affordability and flexibility, making it a go-to choice for many in the gaming industry. It's about broadening your reach without stretching your budget.

4. Gibraltar - A Hub for the Big Players #

Gibraltar license

Getting the license: Gibraltar license is a strategic choice, especially if you're a blue-chip company with a proven track record. But don't worry, Gibraltar also gives a nod to well-funded start-ups and those relocating from other jurisdictions. The key here is a clear business plan and legit funding sources. They're open to companies aiming at non-EU markets too, so there's room for growth and diversification

About those fees: The fee structure, including application and annual fees, varies between B2C and B2B licenses. However, for accurate and current information regarding these costs, it is advisable to contact the Gibraltar Licensing Authority directly or consult with a legal expert specializing in gambling regulations in Gibraltar. They can provide the most reliable and current details on licensing costs and requirements.

Why Gibraltar: It's not just about the license; it's about the ecosystem. Gibraltar offers political stability, transparency, and a well-regulated environment. It’s recognized for its business-friendly attitude while maintaining rigorous standards.

In short: Gibraltar is for those who mean serious business. It's about substantial investment, stringent compliance, and tapping into a lucrative, growing market. If that's your arena, welcome aboard.

5. Isle of Man - Balancing Innovation and Regulation #

Isle of Man licence

Getting the license: The Isle of Man stands out for its innovative approach to gambling licenses. They offer a range of options like Full, Network, Sub, and B2B Software Supplier Licenses. The process is efficient, taking about 12 weeks, and is open to both crypto and fiat operations.

The fees: You've got options. The Full License runs at £35,000 annually, a solid pick for a comprehensive operation. Network License? £50,000, but it opens up global player integration. On a tighter budget? The Sub License is £5,000. For software pros, B2B Licenses start from £35,000.

What’s in It for you: It's not just about regulation; it’s about stepping into the future of gaming. The Isle of Man is where traditional gaming meets innovation. Blockchain? Crypto? They're on board.

Bottom line: The Isle of Man is where regulation meets forward-thinking. For operators betting on the next big thing in gaming, it’s a solid place to plant your flag.

Wrapping up #

Whether it's the UK's prestige, Malta's European gateway, Curacao's affordability, Gibraltar's elite circle, or the Isle of Man's innovative edge, your license choice sets the stage for your business's future. And if you're looking for a partner who knows this game inside out, NSoft's your ace in the hole. We're all about helping you play your cards right in this industry. Got questions? Want to talk shop? Reach out to us. Let's make your iGaming venture a winner.


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