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NSoft - Responsible Gaming as one of Customer Care Principles

By Jakov Sopta, Head of Legal and Compliance at NSoft


The global iGaming community is devoted to using all of its tools and knowledge to further implement the Responsible Gaming Policy across both retail and digital products, and services.

Here at NSoft, we strive to give our customers and partners the best practices and tools to help them market their products in healthy and responsible ways.

Our ongoing commitment to implement the Responsible Gaming Policy is a critical part of our everyday business practices.

What is Responsible Gaming? #

For the majority of people, gambling is a form of entertainment. But for some, gambling can have negative impacts if the player himself does not know how to control his behaviour. Responsible Gaming is the participation of players in the gaming industry, where age, maturity, mental state, and gaming awareness are key in preventing the development of any form of addiction or endangering the mental and material condition of the player from permanent gaming addiction.

By problematic gambling we mean any form of participation in games of chance as gamers, neglecting the risks of developing addiction, and primarily neglecting criteria for participation such as age, maturity, financial status, mental state, and the like.

The best examples are regulated markets and the ones fast-progressing to become regulated. The regulations and clear rules are prescribed by the state are preconditions for creating a healthy gaming market and minimizing the risk of misuse gambling as well as falling into pathology in gambling.

Today we are more aware of that than ever before. No matter what form of gaming it is, the consequences can be very serious both for the player himself and for the people around him.

By implementing Responsible Gaming policies, such phenomena are trying to be reduced in the future. In the short term, as a result of the introduction of such policies, the focus is on certain restrictions that may exclude potential players - players from the market, but in the long run, strengthen confidence in the gaming sector and serve a better reputation of the gaming industry.

NSoft's Customer Care Principles #

Our devotion to players and building the most successful products is in NSoft's core beliefs. NSoft's clients are certified organizers - operators, and by implementing the Responsible Gaming policy, NSoft builds a reputation as a reliable and responsible software provider for the betting and gaming industry.

The company also meets strict requirements required by jurisdictions in whose markets NSoft operates. At the beginning of the potential partnership, many operators ask potential providers in the announced tenders to apply such policies as an eliminatory precondition for participating in the tender.

As a software provider, NSoft protects players from gambling addiction by offering various options, which are defined by the following terms:

- Self-Exclusion - the ability for a player to pre-exclude the ability to play certain games;

- Play Limits - the player determines in advance the maximum amount, the limit on how much money he can deposit the maximum;

- Game Speed;

- Age Verification - software checking the age of players and preventing minors from participating in games of chance;

- Reality Check notification;

- Auto-play controls.

As part of customer service, NSoft is always trying to obtain the necessary certifications needed to enter the new markets. With a certificate from an authorized and internationally accredited laboratory, we prove that our software products comply with regulatory requirements of regulators in certain jurisdictions and that the software has no hidden functions that could affect the fair treatment of players and operators. It guarantees operators comply with the requirements of domestic legislation, and players that participating in the game is a decisive factor in the final outcome of the game out of reach of the operator, which directly strengthens players' confidence in the gaming sector.

By meeting the prerequisites prescribed by the regulator, NSoft is devoted to building trust with players and protecting them from all manipulations and other harmful influences on the final outcome of each game. Every player strives that the outcome of the game he plays is influenced exclusively by a neutral factor. That luck plays a truly exclusive key role in the game, i.e. that the outcome is a random, unpredictable, and uncertain result of fortuna.

Business Analytics and Fraud Prevention Tool #

There are various tools that can assist in implementing responsible gaming policies in practice. The expansion of online channels and digitalization itself helped a lot in this sense. As for the land-based business, NSoft identified room for improvement and acted accordingly by offering advanced systems that can help in this area. One of them is introducing an AI-boosted video management system into everyday business operations.

Vision is an NSoft AI-powered Video Management System built for bet shops. The system gathers the data collected by security cameras in order to improve various aspects of a land-based business - from business analytics to security issues. |

This clearly helps to enforce the Responsible Gaming Policy as Vision collects data that brings deep visitor demographic insights as well as the understanding of traffic trends, rush hours, visitors’ age and gender, and the volume of new or returning customers.

Most bet shops track punter's betting tendencies and behavior from the ticket history or cashiers' insights. One of Vision's features is Age Verification (underage detection), ie the ability to recognize the age of the player and prevent him from participating in games of chance if he is a minor, as well as the ability to recognize a person previously in the betting addicts system and who has the ability to participate in betting limited.

The demand for retail regulation is growing and the changes will continue into the future, but NSoft Vision AI is modular. Depending on the jurisdiction, certain features can be activated, including surveillance without AI features, or complete anonymization for GDPR purposes where legitimate interest is not present.


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