NSoft’s Keno and AJS to enrich Brazil’s offer


Serbia based betting operator Brazil has introduced NSoft’s Keno and Advanced Jackpot System into its retail network. This release has fulfilled the client ́s retail network.

NSoft’s Advanced Jackpot System (AJS) is a premium system for managing jackpots throughout the client’s operation. The system provides powerful and flexible configuration options in accordance with clients’ needs while being easily integrated with other NSoft’s products.

AJS is adaptable meaning that betting operator can set a jackpot with a single tier for each product individually or a multiple tier jackpot connected to multiple products and easily configurable. Also the name of each jackpot and fund is customizable so the most attractive one can be set based on the playersʼ preferences.

NSoft's Keno is draw based game available on all channels (mobile, terminals, shops and web). It is widely recognized playing concept boosted with great UI and fabulous visualization. Keno is easily integrated into AJS.

Find out more on NSoft ́s offer in Bucharest at Romania at Entertainment Arena Expo 2019, from September 3-5 2019 at stand no 523.


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