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Keno 20/80

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Keno – We Just Made a Classic Even Better

Keno is a very simple and popular game that has kept players entertained since the ancient Chinese period, around 200 BCE.
20 out of 80 numbers are drawn, and Keno payouts are based on how many numbers the player chooses and how many of those numbers are accurately guessed.

As one of the easiest games to play with the best payouts, Keno has certainly established itself as a keeper in the casino game world. It is a classic draw-based game aimed at casual players looking to wager small and win big.

Lottery - Like Betting Game

Being well-known to the market, Keno guarantees smooth user adoption and a fast return on investment. The pay tables are configurable to your preferences and Keno is easily integrated with an Advanced Jackpot System.

Characteristics of Keno 20/80

Modern UI

Keno offers a modern and clean design with the focus being on the game, without distractions, going hand-in-hand with a classic Keno game.

Configurable RTP

Keno offers support for multiple pay tables, any of which can be selected to match the desired return to player percentages.

Spot Markets

The most common variant of Keno is the one that offers 10 betting spots on the draw of 20 numbers from a pool of 80. Our game also supports the less known variants of Keno, such as the ones with 8 spot markets and 15 spot markets.

Bonus Features

With Keno, there are numerous possibilities to additionally reward the players through bonus rounds and jackpot features.

Bet Type Possibilities for Customers

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