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Lucky Six

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Lucky Six: Profitable Bingo Evolution

Experience the next generation of bingo with Lucky Six, a virtual betting game by NSoft, a leading bingo software provider. Available on all channels—web, mobile, retail, and terminal—this game enables your customers to choose six out of 48 balls and try their luck up to 12 times hourly. It blends the thrill of traditional draw with the choice of random numbers or colors, featuring a live draw every five minutes.

Beyond entertainment, Lucky Six is a powerful tool to enhance your business profits. With its eye-catching design and rock-solid backend technology, it's a clear winner among bingo games on the market. The professional software we offer has been tried, tested, and loved by our clients, generating impressive returns.

Our software is even equipped to handle locations with low internet speeds or poor connections. Thanks to our advanced satellite stream technology, your business can reach customers everywhere without extra investment, making Lucky Six the ultimate B2B solution in bingo system software.

Powering Millions of Bingo Tickets Daily

Recognised as one of the top bingo games and a reliable profit generator, Lucky Six shines due to its superior design and dynamic features. Redefined with impressive UI/UX improvements and immersive sound effects, this professional bingo software stands as a testament to our Games team's expertise, generating millions of daily tickets!

Basic Game Info and Rules

RNG Certified

Our draw-based game is powered by a certified Random Number Generator, ensuring fair play.

Draw Type 6/35

A single round generates 35 numbers randomly from a pool of 48.

Colour Groups

With 8 different colour groups to choose from, each containing 6 numbers, players have a range of betting options.

Round Duration

Round duration is customizable to cater to various betting strategies.

Different Bet Types for Customer Entertainment

Lightning Lucky Six

Virtual betting game with a casino flair.

Next Six

Live betting draw based game.

Slingshot 6

Hit the jackpot with fast Slingshot 6 game.

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