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Lucky Six

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A Modern Take on a Classic Betting Game

Lucky Six is a virtual betting game in which users have numerous exciting betting choices. It is a modern take on classic bingo entertainment. Players choose six lucky balls out of 48 in a drum and test their luck up to twelve times an hour. It is founded on the concept of the classic draw game where a person is given a chance to pick random numbers, or even colours, and follow the live draw every five minutes.

Due to its vibrant design and top-notch backend infrastructure, Lucky Six became our customers’ favorite and a proven profit generator.

Lucky Six is also available in locations with low internet speed or poor connection. This is doable thanks to the satellite stream, performed via a shared channel. This solution does not require any additional investment!

Lucky Six

Millions of Tickets Daily

NSoft’s most popular game. Lucky Six is an engaging and easy-to-play draw-based game. Our in-house Games team has reinvented Lucky Six, adding new features such as engaging bonus strategies, marvelous visualization and better layout design. The game was completely redesigned with UI/UX updates and sound effects.

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Basic Game Info and Rules

Lucky Six is powered by certified RNG

A draw-based game powered by certified Random Number Generator (RNG)

Draw Type 6/35

48 numbers in total, 35 generated randomly in a single round

Ball Colours

8 different colour groups, each containing 6 numbers

Round Duration

Configurable – choose round duration

Various Bet Type Possibilities for Your Customer Entertainment

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