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Next Six

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Draw-Based Game with a Live Betting Experience

Players of Next Six can bet on which numbers will be drawn from the drum throughout the round. Although it is based on classic virtual games, placing bets all the time gives Next Six characteristics of live betting, making it extremely fast-paced.

Next Six is an electronic bingo game powered by certified RNG. The game offers its players 48 numbers, 35 of which are randomly generated in a single round. Balls with numbers are drawn from the pool and are not returned until the - end of the 35-draw cycle, shown in rows from top to bottom.

Next Six is a Live Betting Game Among NSoft’s Draw-Based Game Portfolio

This fast-paced draw-based game is made for web and mobile. The option to place bets until the last drawn number keeps players glued to their screens.

Whenever players join the round, they can immediately start playing. The thrill of live betting in draw-based games is a brand-new concept. Players live it and that is a solid reason to enrich your portfolio with Next Six.

Next Six in a Nutshell

Next Six powered by certified RNG

A draw-based game powered by certified Random Number Generator (RNG)

Draw Type

48 numbers in total, 35 of which are generated randomly in a single round

Ball Colours

6 different colour groups, each containing 8 numbers

Round Duration

Configurable - choose round duration

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