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Next Six

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Next Six: Your Next Big Live Betting Draw Game

We're excited to bring you Next Six, where the thrill of live betting meets the classic draw game format. Think fast-paced action, where your customers bet on numbers drawn in real-time. It's live betting with a twist, taking cues from traditional virtual games but cranking up the pace.

Why Choose Next Six for Your Platform?

This is electronic bingo, but not as you know it. Next Six runs on a certified RNG, offering a spread of 48 numbers with 35 drawn each round. The twist? Once a number is out, it stays out for the entire 35-draw cycle.

Next Six is built for both web and mobile platforms, designed to keep your customers engaged right up to the last number. The moment players join a round, they're in the thick of the action. The live betting element in a draw-based game? That's a fresh twist they'll love.

Next Six in a Nutshell

Powered by RNG

Reliable and fair, every round.

The Number Game

48 numbers, 35 drawn per round.

Color Groups

Six of them, each with eight numbers.

Round Duration

You're in control. Set it as you like.

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