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Lightning Lucky Six

Game Preview

The Most Popular Draw-Based Game Reinvented for the Online Channel

The Lightning Lucky Six game is designed to suit a fast-paced betting experience built on the Lucky Six backend. Our team researched every aspect of the current product and used the results to develop a new version of Lucky Six with high engagement and ease to play. It has been revamped and adapted for web and mobile usage.

The Lightning Lucky Six game is designed and developed exclusively for the web and mobile channels. The game is simple, straightforward, and easy to use, even for first-time players. The duration of all game segments was shortened to make it faster, much like a casino game. Rounds begin every ten seconds, and each draw takes a shorter time.

Various Bet Type Possibilities

What Makes it Awesome


For better engagement, a Jackpot widget is featured

Bonus Rounds

The multiplier round is triggered several times a day


Has been completely revamped

Favourite Numbers

The option to add players’ favourite number combinations among the ‘favourites’ added


Previous tickets


Using latest tech staff and heavy optimization to run smoothly on all devices

Fast rounds

Configurable - choose round duration

Simple design

The visually attractive design makes the games easy and straightforward to play

Mobile first

Native mobile application functionalities brought to the online channel

Predefined pay-in

Specifically top-up. Simplified interface for payment modification, clicking

Active tickets

A bar added at the bottom of the interface where the player can monitor the status of active bets

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Lucky Six

The most popular game from NSoft - Bingo just got better.

Enrich Your Online Channel!

Simple, straightforward and easy to use – even for first-time players.
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