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Lightning Roulette

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Round-Based and Faster Than Ever Before

Lightning games are designed for web and mobile channels to provide a better user experience to online players. Roulette is one of NSoft's most popular gaming products due to its big RTP, covering both virtual games and casino categories at once. Simplicity and the possibility of winning big have attracted people to play it for a long time.

Drawing on this heritage, NSoft has developed a new game – Lightning Roulette, one of the few round-based roulette games out there. The game is lightning fast and offers great performance, even though it is round-based. Unlike standard on-demand casino Roulette, all players place bets on the same wheel spin, which brings a social aspect to the product.

A Casino Style Game for the Online Channel

Lightning Roulette was designed and developed exclusively for the web and mobile channels, offering ease of use and running smoothly on all devices. The game is simple, straightforward and easy to use even for first time players.

There are a few additional bonus features which provide additional engagement, making this game suitable for placement both in the Casino and Virtual games categories for additional player exposure.

Lightning Roulette in a Nutshell

Modern Design

Totally revamped UX and UI

Online Channels

Adapted for web and mobile usage

Engaging Game

Fast as lightning and round-based

Better User Experience

Suitable for placing both in the Casino and Virtual games categories

Bet Type Possibilities for Customers

Lucky Six

The most popular game from NSoft - Bingo just got better.

Lightning Lucky Six

Virtual betting game with a casino flair.


American and European Roulette for the players' entertainment.

Enrich Your Online Channel!

Simple, straightforward and easy to use – even for first-time players.
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