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Fast-Paced, Player-Friendly Roulette

NSoft’s Roulette combines simplicity and excitement, allowing players to place bets quickly and easily. With our scalable technology, online casinos can create as many tables as needed to accommodate growing player numbers. This ensures no waiting times, keeping players engaged.

Our game is fast-paced, visually stunning, and customizable. Make it yours, attract more customers, and watch your revenue grow. Plus, synchronized draw times across platforms mean more chances to win, driving player engagement.

American & European Roulette

Our RNG-based Roulette offers two types of wheels to cater to diverse player preferences: the American (with two zeros) and the European (with one zero). Each round involves players betting on where the ball will land after the wheel spins. The game cycle is divided into:

  • Countdown: Betting instructions and stats.

  • Spin: Dynamic visualization of the wheel spin.

  • Results: Immediate outcomes and payouts.

Basic Game Info & Rules

Simple & fast bets

Players place chips on numbers, colors, or sets.

Configurable round duration

Flexible round lengths to suit your needs.

Real-time statistics

On-screen stats, easy to track.

Hot/cold numbers

Display of hot (red) and cold (green) numbers.

Bet Options for Your Customers

Lightning Roulette

Even faster Roulette game.

Lightning Lucky Six

Virtual betting game with a casino flair.

Lucky Six

The most popular game from NSoft - Bingo just got better.

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