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The game does a masterful job of mixing simplicity with excitement to create the best user experience, enabling players to place their bets quickly and easily. Technology allows online casinos to create as many tables as needed to sustain the rising player volume. This means the players always have a seat without having to wait.

NSoft’s Roulette is a fast-paced modular, and engaging game that brings a completely new experience to players. The game was designed with colourful visuals and eye-catching graphics. A customisable appearance enables a better product experience and generates revenue. Another booster for your business is ensured through synchronized common draw time on all platforms attracting players due to higher winning chances.

The Wheel is the Game

There are two different types of roulette wheels, the American that has two zeros, and the European with a single zero. This is a round-based game in which all players participate in the same draw. Upon the spin of the roulette wheel a small ball rolls. Players place their bets and wait until the ball stops in a slot. After it stops, the winning slot is announced. Winners get the payout, losers do not. The round is divided into three parts; Countdown, with betting instructions and stats, Spin, a highly dynamic visualisation and Results, the results of the spin along with betting returns.

Basic Game Info and Rules

Simple and Fast Bets

Place your chip(s) on the number(s), colour or sets you want to bet on

Round Duration

Configurable - choose round duration


Statistics are displayed in the right corner on the wheel, each number separately, including the region or table bets

Hot and Cold Numbers

The red colour in the stats represents hot numbers while green represents cold numbers

Bet Type Possibilities for Customers

Lightning Roulette

Even faster Roulette game.

Lightning Lucky Six

Virtual betting game with a casino flair.

Lucky Six

The most popular game from NSoft - Bingo just got better.

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