Hit the Jackpot with the Fast Slingshot 6 Game

Slingshot 6 is a spin-based version of our flagship product Lucky 6.

The game was built in-house by NSoft’s own Games Development team and is our first exciting and challenging casino game for web and mobile channels.

Casino players can benefit from a highly interactive dashboard with easy-to-play features and history track, along with dynamic spin visualisation featuring modern UI. Various bonus opportunities are available to bet on, providing something to entertain a wide range of players and casino enthusiasts.

Slingshot 6 is an on-demand casino game based on events generated by RNG – a Random Number Generator. With each spin players are offered 48 numbers, 35 of which are randomly generated in a single spin for every player separately. The numbers are arranged in 8 groups, each containing 6 numbers. Groups are marked with a given colour; red, green, blue, purple, brown, yellow, orange and black.

The duration of each spin is 35 seconds, or only 4 seconds if the player chooses the turbo mode. In the system bet, a player may select more than 6 numbers from the range of 48, in other words, a player can choose 7, 8, 9 and 10 numbers thus forming the pre-defined systems 6/7, 6/8, 6/9, 6/10.

To win a prize, a player must hit at least 6 numbers of the total amount selected.

Slingshot 6

Game preview


  1. Highly dynamic spin visualisation with modern UI

  2. Interactive dashboard with easy-to-play features and history track

  3. Bonus system: bonus rounds and jackpot

  4. System bets

  5. Turbo mode available for a super-fast draw

  6. Favourite numbers for fast selection

  7. History track allows players to check details of previously played tickets

  8. Statistics based on player’s previous sessions provides hot and cold numbers

  9. Progress bar feature ensures the growth of an average number of rounds played per player

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