Smash Drops: A Fresh Spin on Casino Games

Prepare for an evolution in your instant casino game collection with Smash Drops! We've designed it with an entirely new approach to betting, keeping your players engaged and creating a captivating, skill-influenced iGaming atmosphere.

In Smash Drops, prizes or pitfalls are packed into boxes that endlessly rain from the digital sky. Your customers' mission is to open as many prize boxes as possible while dodging the traps. Every click shatters a box, revealing what's inside, and adding a thrilling layer of anticipation to the player experience.

Smash Drops
represents NSoft's dedication to innovation, being the first to implement the PrizeDrop™ game logic - an intriguing blend of strategy and luck, potentially leading to significant winnings. And it's not just us saying this: PrizeDrop™ earned a nomination for the CasinoBeats' Game Innovation Spotlight!

PrizeDrop™: The Driving Force of Smash Drops

Smash Drops takes player engagement to new heights in every round through its intuitive PrizeDrop™ mechanics. Every smashed box increases the chance of a bigger win, introducing a whole new level of thrill to your client's gaming experience.

Beyond just luck, players utilize strategic gameplay, deciding to either smash or skip the falling boxes. With every box holding potential prizes, this game keeps players on edge, boosting engagement and, in turn, your business profits.

Breaking Down the Prizes

  1. Time Prize - Offers players an extra time boost or possibly a time penalty.

  2. Win Prize - Accumulated throughout the game, with the final win prize being the sum of all collected win prizes.

  3. Multiplier Prize - Players gather multipliers, with the final multiplier being the sum of all collected multipliers. This final multiplier amplifies the collected money, equaling the multiplier times the win prize.

  4. Freeze Time - Protects players from any penalties during the game, for example, -10 sec won't affect the time bar.

  5. Gems - Lets players collect rare gems and earn generous rewards once they gather a specific amount.

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Smash Drops - the profit booster your business needs.

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