Pearl’s Frenzy: An Underwater Slot Adventure

Atlantis: a legend, a mystery, and now, a revenue booster! With Pearl's Frenzy online video slot, the legends of Atlantis' endless troves of pearls aren't just for storybooks; they're a tangible opportunity to drive user engagement and session times. Connect your users with Siera, our inside mermaid from Atlantis, and watch as they're captivated, spin after spin, boosting your platform's revenue potential.

Pearl’s Frenzy

Slot name




Reels layout

20, dynamic


Driving Engagement and Amplifying Returns

Pearl's Frenzy offers an underwater 5x3 reel layout, designed to keep users engaged and invested. With 11 versatile symbols and the ever-sought wild and bonus, it ensures diverse and repeat gameplay. The strategic placement of wilds and the increasing bonus multipliers can be your key to longer play times and increased returns. Ready to dive deeper into profitability? Add Pearl’s Frenzy to your iGaming lineup.

Main Features


It's more than just a feature; it's a retention strategy. With Wilds covering all reels, your users get those 'just one more spin' moments, and you? Continuous engagement.

Gamble Card Game

Flexibility is the name of the game here. Let users amplify their stakes, take controlled risks with the "split" option, and keep them coming back for more dynamic experiences.

Bonus Buy

The waiting game? Not on our watch! The Bonus Buy lets users dive straight into the excitement, giving them control and you, better session times.

Free Spins Bonus Game

The allure of "free" is universal. With a potential avalanche of free spins and escalating multipliers, you're promising players an adrenaline rush, which means repeat visits to your platform.

Progressive Jackpot

The thrill of a potential jackpot with every winning spin? That's the kind of excitement that keeps users talking, playing, and most importantly, staying.

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