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Lucky X

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Next Generation of Betting with More Betting Options

Lucky X is a draw-based game offering more wagering options behind every number. Founded on the classic draw game concept, Lucky X offers players the chance to pick random numbers or colours and follow live draws.

In order to win, players must guess all the numbers they chose within the sequence and the bet type rules. In other words, every number chosen by a player must be drawn from the drum while the chosen spot is active. Winning odds are equal to the odds on which the last chosen number lands.

Versatility of Lucky X

In Lucky X there are 50 numbers in total, 36 of which are drawn during one round. The balls with numbers are drawn from a virtual drum and are shown in the columns from left to right.

Lucky X basics

Lucky X is powered by certified RNG

A draw-based game powered by certified Random Number Generator (RNG)

Draw Type

50 numbers in total, 36 of which are generated randomly in one round

Ball Colours

5 different colour groups, each containing 10 numbers

Round Duration

Configurable - choose round duration

Betting Types for Lucky X

Next Six

Live betting draw based game.

Lucky Six

The most popular game from NSoft - Bingo just got better.

Lightning Lucky Six

Virtual betting game with a casino flair.

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