NSoft’s Slot Car Races on SSBTs for Orion Tip


NSoft’s virtual game, Slot Car Races, has been presented to the punters of Slovakian betting operator Orion Tip. The game was released on terminals (SSBTs) of this betting operator.

The release represents the extension of the existing business cooperation between NSoft and Orion Tip which was established in 2018.

“We have a very fruitful cooperation with Orion Tip in Slovakia. The operator is using our Sportsbook solution: Pre-Match MTS sports betting in retail and on terminals as well as a set of virtuals on terminals including Virtual Greyhound Races, Greyhound Races, Virtual Motorcycle Speedway and Virtual Horse Races. Actually, the cooperation was established via SSBTs’ channel in 2018 and has been growing ever since. Now, our virtual Slot Car Races have found its way to Orion Tip’s players complementing the existing offer of virtuals,” Dalibor Ostojić, Regional Sales Manager at NSoft commented on the release.

NSoft’s Slot Car Races is a virtual game based on RNG. Every race includes six cars with various bet type possibilities.

In order to find more on NSoft ́s software solution for betting, contact NSoft’s regional sales representatives at [email protected] or book a meeting.


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