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Cultural-themed online casino slots from NSoft


Whether you’re looking to be inspired, excited or intrigued, NSoft's mythology-based online casino slots will keep you entertained for a long time. Spin the reel in these exciting twists on the classic casino favourite.

One of the reasons slot machines are so popular is the variety they offer. In slot machines, each game means a different adventure, and that determines the experience you get.

There are hundreds of slot games using ancient Egyptian culture as a theme, and we can even say that this is probably one of the most popular online slot themes. While playing these games, you navigate the forgotten pyramids, search for lost treasures and feel like Indiana Jones. These online slots can use real historical personalities and symbols from general Egyptian culture. Sometimes, the pyramids and myths around them are enough.

NSoft has followed this path, and an ancient Egyptian-themed slot - Temple of Horus, was among the first video slot games we made. It soon become one of the most popular online casino slot games since it was first released.

Temple of Horus #


Ready to revisit ancient Egypt once again? Horus was one of the earliest and most important Egyptian gods. Before he was born, his father Osiris died at the hand of his own brother Set. When Horus grew up, he swore to avenge his father's death and fought Set many times. Set blinded Horus in his left eye, but the god Thoth healed it. Horus killed Set, and the gods named Horus ruler of Egypt.

After he died, his daughter Ament swore to protect his temple. To get into the temple, you have to find her at the gates of the Underworld and convince her that you are the chosen one, worth of golden key of the Horus temple.

Temple of Horus desktop layout
Temple of Horus desktop layout

The Pitch

Temple of Horus is a 5-reel, 3-row, online slot with 20 fixed pay lines featuring nine symbols, plus Wild and Bonus symbol, retriggering Free Spins feature and Gamble card game.

The game's symbols consist of pictures of ancient Egyptian culture such as Ankh (life symbol), cat, Eye of Horus, the Scarab Beetle, Cartouche symbol and Crook and flail symbol.

Wild symbol represents the Nemes-Royal headdress. If you get 5 of them, you can get 10.000 x your bet.


96,48% RTP, max single line win x 100.000 bet, hit frequency 77.11 % with medium volatility


In the game, 3 or more ancient Egyptian chest bonus symbols appearing anywhere on reels will trigger the bonus free spins feature. The free spins feature allows players to spin the reels and collect wins, usually multiplied, without placing a bet. Free spins play at the same bet amount as the last spin.
You will be awarded 10 free spins with different multipliers depending on the number of bonus symbols which unlocked the Free spins feature. The number of free spins is unlimited since free spins can trigger new free spins and so on. The multipliers during the bonus game go up to 10 and apply to all winnings from the free spins bonus game.

Moreover, the gamble feature is card-based and lets players guess the colour of the next revealed card. A correct guess doubles the win. However, a wrong guess means the win is lost.

The win can be gambled until an incorrect guess or until a limit is reached. Collecting the win ends the gamble feature. Players are allowed to gamble 10 times during a single gamble round.

With listed features and a max win potential of x10,000 their stake, players will have the chance to enjoy thrilling visits to the sands of Egypt.

Pyramid of the Sun (Piramida Sunca) #

Every culture and civilisation has its own mythology. Some people believe that these stories were crafted to provide answers to some of humanity’s questions, whilst others consider them to be elaborate stories, which have become so embellished and embroidered over the centuries that they bear little relation to the original events that happened.

Nevertheless, NSoft’s Casino games team found inspiration for its next video slot game in our own backyard.

Pyramid of the Sun
Pyramid of the Sun

Pyramid of the Sun theme

Namely, the hills surrounding the small town of Visoko in Bosnia and Herzegovina are claimed to be the largest human-made ancient pyramids on Earth. The biggest one, called the Pyramid of Sun is stunning scenery for any spectator. And where is the pyramid, there is also a secret treasure and a mystery. Maybe a dragon or two…

Like it is not enough, add standing waves at the top of the largest pyramid that can travel faster than light and prove the existence of a 'cosmic internet' that allows for intergalactic communication and a scene for a unique video slot game is set.

The Pitch

Pyramid of the Sun is an online slot featuring modern-day mystery and controversy. The reel layout is 5x3. The game includes 9 regular symbols together with wild and bonus symbols.

A dragon, the wild symbol, substitutes for all others except the dragon egg, the bonus symbol. Wild and bonus symbols can appear anywhere on the reels. The more bonus symbols players get, the higher the win in the bonus game.


96,13% RTP, 20 fixed lines, max win potential of x10,000 of your stake with medium volatility.


Three or more bonus symbols appearing anywhere on reels will trigger the bonus Pick a prize feature. Players get a chance to pick 1 out of 4 dragon eggs to collect bonus prizes without placing a bet. Every egg has a different bonus prize hidden. The higher the number of bonus symbols that unlock the game, the higher the reward.

Wild feature substitutes every symbol except bonus symbols. Wilds can show up on all reels; linking them would make big wins.

You can choose to believe or not in the greatest European pyramid, but the win in the Pyramid of the Sun slot is real!

Whatever their origins, tales of mythology continue to intrigue and entertain us, even in our scientifically enlightened era, as we find ourselves drawn into their stories of quests, heroism and adventure. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of online slots.


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