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Casino Meets Sportsbook: A New Winning Combination

by Robert Matijević, Managing Director for Seven Sportsbook


Let's get right to it: the casino world and sports betting aren't just passing acquaintances anymore; they're becoming a power couple. With growing demands from players for a one-stop-shop experience, casinos and sportsbooks are complementing each other like never before.

Think about it—both worlds offer instant gratification and around-the-clock excitement. Plus, sports betting through Managed Trading Services (MTS) has become a low-risk cash cow. And the best part? With NSoft, merging the two has never been easier, thanks to simple integration solutions that keep your site looking sleek.

Past Patterns and Shifting Trends #

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Historically, sports betting sites embraced casino games, but the affection wasn’t mutual. Yet, things have been evolving. Remember how the pandemic disrupted the traditional business models? With no live sports, betting arenas turned to esports, casino content, and virtual games. This adaptive spirit underscored a reality: the lines between casinos and sportsbooks are blurring.

Take Central Europe, for example. Just a few years back, sportsbooks held about 60% of the business. By 2020, the casino segment grew to claim 70% of the total profit. Over in the Balkans? Sportsbooks, which once held 80% of the business, now have a 60% share. Even in the Baltics, casino content rules with 80% of the total turnover. The message? Players are evolving, and they want diverse offerings.

What the Data Says #

When our in-house Business Analytics team crunched the numbers, we found that most online players are men, primarily between the ages of 25 to 34. Their favorite? Live sports betting, especially football. But here's the catch: these players aren’t one-dimensional. The data also shows that they are getting involved with casino games and virtual draw-based games like Lucky Six. This blend of interests translates to lower churn rates and higher retention for platforms that offer both.

The Thrill of Live Sports: Unbeatable #

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Sure, eSports had its spotlight moment during lockdowns. But let's be honest, nothing matches the adrenaline rush of live sports. The moment your favorite team nails that long pass or when a referee's call leaves you yelling at the screen — it's all irreplaceable. When sports events resumed, betting tickets soared through the roof. So if you’re thinking a sportsbook is an optional add-on, think again. It’s the backbone of the industry, and your casino could use that energy.

Plug and Play: Seamless Integration #

One of the biggest fears most operators have is that integrating a sportsbook will be a headache. With us, that's not the case. Our turnkey solutions plug right into your existing platform, allowing your casino to offer sports betting without the need for extra staff or resources. We take care of Risk Management, so you can concentrate on keeping your players engaged.

Real-World Success Stories #

Donny White, the Sportsbook Director at Victory Willbeours, shares, "We wanted to include sportsbook but had concerns about UX/UI and player acceptance. Thankfully, the integration was smooth, and our player base not only accepted it but also grew thanks to the new sportsbook features, particularly live betting." Maria Fernández, CMO of Betflip, adds, "Integrating a sportsbook was crucial for us, and NSoft made it a breeze. Our player numbers spiked, and we've never looked back."

The Future is Now #

Industry experts like us predict that marrying casino content with sports betting is the future. Our seamless integration solutions with Sportradar backing make it a compelling choice for any casino operator. Offering versatile, 24/7 content ensures high retention rates and profitability. As Fernández concludes, "This step has taken us to a new level of competitiveness in the market, all thanks to the quality product from NSoft."

So, the real question isn't "Should you do it?" It's "When will you start?" Reach out to us to learn more about the advantages of out sportsbook solution and let's get this ball rolling.


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