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Introducing Lost Planets: A Stellar Addition for Your Slot Portfolio


Operators, are you ready to launch your players into an intergalactic adventure? Introducing NSoft's Lost Planets – an online video slot game that's destined to be a stellar success on your casino platform.

Stellar Design and Game Mechanics #

Dive into the vastness of space with Lost Planets, a 5-reel, 3-row, 20-pay line video slot. Featuring a dynamic mix of 11 planetary symbols plus Wild and Bonus icons, this game guarantees an out-of-this-world experience. Add the Free Spins feature and the Gamble card game, and you have a perfect recipe for player retention.

Optimal Cross-Platform Gameplay #

Ensuring a seamless user experience across devices is no longer optional. NSoft's commitment shines as Lost Planets video slot comes optimized for desktop, mobile, and tablet play. The mobile channel's latest update emphasizes portrait mode, meaning your players can delve into the cosmos anytime, anywhere.

Engaging Backstory for Player Immersion #

Immerse players in the legend of the lost planets. The saga of the Sun Crusher, a weapon that obliterated entire civilizations and led to the mysterious vanishing of 11 planets, offers a deeper layer of engagement. The promise of immortality and infinite riches for those who uncover the planets will keep players spinning.

Striking Graphics and Visuals #

Featuring nearly 3D, cartoon-like graphics, Lost Planets presents a vibrant cosmic environment. With both high and low-value symbols represented by colorful planets and alphanumeric characters, this slot game ensures an aesthetic experience that’s pleasing to the eye, encouraging repeat plays.

Iconic Special Symbols #

  • Bonus Symbol: Representing the technologically advanced golden planet, this symbol can boost winnings with a 10x multiplier when landed five times.
  • Wild Symbol: The rocket symbol not only substitutes other icons (except bonus) but can also lead to significant wins if five of them are in play.
  • Win Grading Feature: The win grading system classifies wins as Big, Mega, Ultra, or Sensational, ramping up the excitement levels and pushing players to aim for bigger rewards.

Key Metrics for Enhanced Player Experience #

  • RTP: A competitive 96.42%, signifying frequent payouts and fair gameplay.
  • Max Single Line Win: An impressive x 100,000 of the stake, designed to lure both casual gamers and high-rollers.
  • Hit Frequency: 14.62% ensures that players experience wins at regular intervals, promoting longer game sessions.
  • Volatility: High volatility, combined with the game’s paytable frequency, will cater to both thrill-seekers and casual players.

    Bonus Features for Extended Play #

    Free Spins: Triggered by three or more bonus symbols, the Free Spins feature allows players to accumulate wins without placing a bet. Moreover, spins are multiplied, heightening the thrill.

    Gamble Card Game: Available post each win, this feature offers players a chance to magnify their winnings, keeping them hooked.

    If you're aiming to up the ante on player engagement and provide a game that blends compelling storytelling, eye-catching visuals, and the chance for big wins, Lost Planets slot by NSoft is the way to go. Why not start by giving it a spin in the demo mode?

    And while you're at it, check out our diverse range of casino games, each with its own unique features and excitement to keep your users entertained. NSoft isn't just about casino software – it's a partnership that's all about innovation and growth. Join us today to take your platform to the next level!


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