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When the Sportsbook platform embraces AI-driven Video Management System

The true power of the Sportsbook platform lies in its modularity and integration potential. This is the story of how we have combined an in-house developed AI video management system (NSoft Vision) with our Seven Sportsbook platform to offer a powerful tool to land-based operators.


NSoft's core betting and gaming platform, Seven is omnichannel, feature-rich, scalable, jurisdictionally compliant and available on all delivery channels.

Seven is a single, highly adaptable solution for managing core betting and gaming business operations. It is a betting and gaming management system that includes modules, applications, and APIs as a base layer for laying products on top of it.

Seven Sportsbook utilises Video Management System Vision for retail KYC, CRM, and analytics.

As inflation and societal pressures rise across the globe, the need for retail regulations is higher than ever. Business owners across the globe are struggling with the question - how to cater to evolving customer needs?

Understanding customer trends has become more comprehensive with the use of software and AI solutions. Such is the case with Vision - NSoft's AI-boosted video management system that harvests the data collected by security cameras to improve various aspects of a land-based business - from business analytics to security issues. The product per se is applicable in practically any industry, but we did an extra step for the betting business and land-based betting operators. We have seamlessly integrated NSoft Vision into the core betting system - our Sportsbook platform. Thus, we have created an entirely new ecosystem that can significantly help deal with modern-business challenges in security.

Vision - Built for bet shops #

The retail channel has been the central powerhouse for NSoft’s global expansion and further business development as we listened and reached out to address the needs of our long-term clients and partners. Still, there were no purposely built solutions on the market that unifies security and business metrics into one complete story, a multipurpose solution. As the story goes, one of NSoft’s widespread business branches resulted in the development of NSoft Vision, an AI video management system.

The system was first used in the betting industry. In the past three years, we received valuable feedback from operators who helped us shape the product's development with clear use cases from retail betting.

Google Analytics-like data in the bet shop

The idea behind NSoft Vision, besides safety and security, as an industry-standard feature, was to offer quality business insight based on data. NSoft Vision's mission is to turn a physical bet shop into an online one in terms of analytics. So, we create powerful, visually appealing analytics to help operators understand visitors' behaviour.

The analytics show traffic numbers and detect new and returning customers, along with the age and gender distribution. It offers a remote view with grouping options for cameras and locations. An advanced feature is a heatmap. It is a visual representation of the hot zones, that attract visitors the most.

    Real-time view

    Efficient business operations depend on the ability to read the data as it's being collected. Real-time reports show the current number of people in front of a single or selected group of cameras or locations. A map view allows the operator to see the visitor numbers displayed geographically. People count data is refreshed every five seconds, and it works without face recognition. A map view is available with a displayed number of people at each location.

    Analytics AI Vision on Seven

    Integration with Admin panel

    Centralising the data became even more attractive in parallel with NSoft’s clients starting to introduce Vision as a video management solution. NSoft’s Seven admin Sportsbook platform is the first platform to have integrated advanced video analytics data.

    The notion of Know Your Customer is made easy with data collected in Vision. Thus such data brings deep visitor demographic insights and an understanding of traffic trends, rush hours, visitors’ age and gender, and the volume of new or returning customers.

    Most bet shops track punter's betting tendencies and behaviour from the ticket history or cashiers' insights. In integration with the Seven Sportsbook (core) platform, Vision reporting allows operators to track and count their visitors without interrupting the betting experience. The power of intelligent video capturing enabled the whole process.

    The data is action-ready to bring insights that help betting operators adjust their loyalty programs, bonuses, retail design, etc.

    Hybrid-cloud infrastructure of the system allows remote data views, historical data view and live reporting with the current number of visitors on all locations. The admin can pull the security footage based on the ticket time stamps or adjust loyalty programs and bonuses based on the preferences. The end purpose is to answer the players’ needs and ensure tailor-made service for the players.

    Integrating NSoft Vision, an AI video management software, into the Seven Sportsbook platform joins useful business data to better understand day-to-day operations and strategic planning.

    Next-generation betting video management

    NSoft's self-service betting terminals are well-known as innovative, beautifully crafted and cost-efficient solutions for land-based betting businesses. Betting terminals from now on can be seamlessly integrated with factory-made mini cameras. These IP devices now can be centrally connected to the NSoft Vision system. The boost of AI technology improves retail security and hardware protection. It also allows more accurate tracking of punters' activity and offers opportunities to enhance punter retention.

    Whether the players switch positions inside large retails or between multiple locations, their preferences are visible through the betting admin interface. Such data are helpful in profiling and can be a vital addition to the overall security setup of the business and early detection of possible risky behaviour or possible scam or fraud attempts.

    Protection of sports betting integrity

    Vision as NSoft's AI-powered video management system that harvests the data collected by security cameras to improve various aspects of a land-based business also opens a possibility to reduce pay-ins on fixed matches.

    It is much easier for bookies to detect and limit registered punters or betting syndicates online. Anonymous betting at a bet shop operator or SSBT is tempting for match-fixing scams in land-based businesses.

    The NSoft Vision module within Sportsbook software opens a possibility to link tickets made from potentially fixed matches with anonymous punters. Such punters then can be flagged within the system as a potential risk and trigger an alert if seen in bet shops or using self-service betting terminals.

    By following the patterns of punters' behaviour and betting preferences, AI will surely play a more significant role in detecting and preventing betting on fixed matches.

    Last but not least - regulations

    The demand for retail regulation in the field of AI technologies (especially face recognition features) is growing and will continue, but NSoft Vision AI is modular. Depending on the client’s jurisdiction, certain features can be activated, including surveillance without AI features or complete anonymisation for GDPR purposes where legitimate interest is not present.

    Business intelligence, retail analytics and great fraud prevention are only a click away. If you are interested in our Vision AI, please contact NSoft Vision team.


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