Streamlining Sportsbook Operations: The All-in-One MTS Solution

by Robert Matijević, Managing Director for Seven Sportsbook


In today's sports betting landscape, keeping pace with the rapid influx of data, user demands, and market dynamics can be a Herculean task. Operators constantly grapple with the need to maintain accuracy, speed, and reliability, all while ensuring an exceptional user experience. But what if there was a way to simplify, streamline, and even optimize these processes? Enter Managed Trading Services (MTS), a revolutionary solution that's changing the very fabric of sportsbook operations. In this deep dive, we'll uncover the multi-dimensional benefits of MTS and spotlight how NSoft's unique touch is setting new industry benchmarks.

Unpacking MTS: Beyond the Basics #

Automating operations

Managed Trading Services (MTS) have become a central component in the sports betting industry, and for good reason. To truly understand the depth and breadth of MTS, we must delve deeper into its intricacies and functionalities.

Core Functions of MTS #

Odds setting: One of the fundamental aspects of any sportsbook is setting the odds. MTS systems utilize vast amounts of data from past matches, player statistics, team form, and other variables to determine odds that are both competitive and profitable. This process, once done manually by experts, is now automated, ensuring that odds are set and updated in real-time, giving operators an edge in the market.

Risk management: Every bet placed carries a potential risk for sportsbook operators. MTS platforms assess these risks by analyzing betting patterns, abnormal bet volumes, and monitoring for potential manipulation or fraud. This continuous surveillance means operators can make informed decisions, adjusting limits or suspending markets when necessary.

Bet settlement: Finalizing and processing bet outcomes quickly and accurately is crucial. MTS solutions automate the settlement process, ensuring that users are paid out promptly and correctly, based on the final results of sporting events. This not only boosts user trust but also reduces the workload of manual bet checking and settlements.

Added Benefits of MTS #

Leveraging integration and scalability

Data analytics and insights: Beyond the primary functions, MTS systems offer detailed data analytics. By understanding user behavior, betting trends, and market movements, operators can tailor their offerings and marketing strategies, leading to increased user engagement and revenue.

Seamless user experience: In the digital age, user experience is paramount. Modern MTS platforms are built with intuitive interfaces, ensuring that operators can easily navigate through vast amounts of data and functions, while users enjoy a seamless betting journey.

Integration capabilities: As sportsbooks might use various third-party tools or systems, a robust MTS should provide easy integration capabilities. This ensures that operators aren’t restricted or locked into a single system, offering flexibility and adaptability.

Scalability for growth: An MTS is not just for established sportsbooks. Even startups can benefit, with the system's capability to scale as the business grows. This ensures that as user numbers increase or as new betting markets are introduced, the MTS can handle the load without hitches.

The NSoft Touch: A New Benchmark in MTS #

Unique approach by NSoft

At NSoft, our goal isn't just to be another Managed Trading Services (MTS) provider but to elevate your sportsbook operations to unprecedented levels. Here’s how our approach stands out.

The Live Odds Application: Keeping It Simple, Yet Powerful #

Real-time information is crucial in the betting world. That's where our Live Odds application steps in, providing timely updates through a design that prioritizes user experience. We focus on clarity and ease of use so that bettors can make informed decisions without unnecessary complexities.

You Choose, We Integrate #

Your business, your choices. Pick the odds supplier you trust and lean on us to integrate their data flawlessly into your operations. We’re flexible in our approach, ensuring you have the best tools and data at your disposal.

Live Betting: Where Every Second Counts #

The real adrenaline rush for many bettors is the live In-Play betting. We've partnered with Betradar to ensure that this experience is as thrilling as the sports themselves. It’s about delivering a platform where odds dynamically adjust, keeping your customers on the edge of their seats till the very last moment.

Pre-Match Betting: Laying the Groundwork #

Before the live action kicks off, Pre-Match betting sets the stage. Our system allows you to present diverse sports and markets tailored to your audience's tastes. It's not just about offering bets; it's about setting the scene for what's to come, ensuring your clients are engaged and invested right from the start.

Tailored to Your Needs #

NSoft’s MTS isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution—it's a dynamic, adaptable and profitable platform geared to cater to modern betting demands. With a balance of automation, customization, and user-centric design, we aim to be the backbone of your sportsbook operations, driving growth and enhancing user satisfaction.

Wrapping Up #

The evolution of sports betting is undeniable, and at its forefront are advanced systems like Managed Trading Services. They're not just tools or industry trends; they're transformative solutions that recalibrate how sportsbooks operate, interact with users, and grow their bottom line.

As technology continues to evolve and user expectations shift, being anchored by a robust, flexible, and intuitive MTS becomes more than just a competitive advantage—it's a necessity. NSoft, with its blend of innovation, user-centric design, and industry insights, is committed to being a trusted partner in this journey, ensuring sportsbook operators are always one step ahead.

Elevate your business potential with NSoft's Managed Trading Services. reach out us to improve efficiency, increase profits, and access the full benefits of our comprehensive sportsbook solution.


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